• VA’s challenge to house 38,000 homeless Veterans

    Tune in for second episode of VA’s podcast Ending Veteran Homelessness Episode #2: VA's national challenge to house 38,000 homeless Veterans

  • VA homeless programs enable bright future for Army Veteran Ronald Scott

    When a fire damaged Army Veteran’s home, he received help from HUD-VASH, a collaborative program pairing HUD assistance with VA support.

  • Rideshare program helps Veteran find news roads to employment

    VA’s Rideshare Program, an essential service to Veterans…helpful in giving eligible Veterans transportation to workplace and healthcare settings.

  • Buffalo HUD-VASH partners with assisted living facility to help older Veteran

    Army Veteran lived with no heat in Buffalo for two decades after home flooded. HUD-VASH program found her a home. “VA very open for helping.”

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Navy Veteran Kenneth

    Homeless, Kenneth came to VA for help. His journey of recovery began with a VA residential treatment program for drug and alcohol abuse.

  • With transitional housing, Boston Veteran’s life changes course with assistance from VA

    After a year living in his car, Air Force Veteran found support through a transitional housing and support center and the HUD-VASH program.

  • Veteran Ivan Dickerson advises other Vets: “Do the right thing, seek help.”

    After homelessness and addiction, Army Veteran turned to VA for help. His medical team helped him take the first steps to recovery.

  • VA helps Army Veteran find stable housing, medical care

    From working with surface-to-air missiles to sleeping in his car, Army Veteran found help, health care and a home thanks to VA services.

  • Homeless man has his own apartment after she asked, “Are you a Veteran?”

    A VA peer support specialist asked a homeless man if he was a Veteran. Days later, he was enrolled in VA health care and in his own apartment.

  • VA, HUD-VASH and nonprofit secure safe housing for older Veterans

    A Florida VA social worker used VA and HUD-VASH programs to find an older Veteran a home that's a “cruise ship on land.”

  • Homeless and Community Residential Care programs help older Veterans

    When this Marine Veteran was homeless, VA found him a home. After a house fire, VA was there again with programs for senior Veterans.

  • Army Veteran finds employment and housing in months thanks to HUD-VASH

    When the restaurant where he worked closed, Army Veteran was referred to the Housing and Urban Development-VA Supportive Housing program.

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