• Inclusion equals innovation: How our diverse workforce offers better care

    With investments in a diverse workforce and leadership, our sense of inclusion equals innovation for the Veterans we serve.

  • Immersive technology: Defining a new reality for Veteran health care

    While many health care organizations are just beginning to explore virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive technology (collectively known as extended reality, or XR), VA is taking the lead in using XR to change how Veterans receive and access their health care.

  • Providers gain insight through the Dementia Experience

    Have you ever wondered what Veterans with dementia go through? The Dementia Experience, offered at the Simulation Learning, VHA National Simulation Center, provides that exact insight to VA medical providers can learn to understand dementia patients' daily struggles.

  • Innovation revolutionary: Diversity and inclusion at the point of care

    Pamela Black has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Advocate program to educate staff and provide support for Veterans at the point of care.

  • Diffusion Academy advances promising practices for third year

    VA’s Diffusion of Excellence discovers and spreads innovative practices throughout VA, providing employees with knowledge and experience.

  • VA experts collaborate for Veteran health care innovation

    VA health care experts came together in a virtual event to scale new ideas and innovations for VA sites across the country.

  • VA launches Pathfinder website to streamline opportunities to sell to or innovate with VA

    VA launches Pathfinder, a one-stop-shop, transforming customer experience for vendors and innovators selling or innovating with VA.

  • Veterans benefit from Greenhouse Initiative blossoming this spring

    iNET’s innovation collaboration program fosters Veteran and employee feedback in the earliest stages of innovative design

  • HIMSS 2022: Veteran health care takes center stage at global health IT conference

    VA employees attended the 2022 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, or HIMSS22, held on March 15, 2022.

  • Make ‘em sweat: In clinical training, details matter

    It is important for clinical Veteran caregivers to understand how to work with patients with heavy sweat. Simulation helps.

  • Veterans Health Equity Podcast Season 2

    VA’s Office of Health Equity’s unique podcast series reviews VA programs, initiatives, and Veteran experiences within the past year.

  • The future of policy for synthetic data in health care

    In an important partnership, VA has sought policy recommendations for the use of synthetic data to improve Veteran patient experiences.

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