• Veterans donate during National Blood Donor Month

    The winter months are the hardest season on the blood supply in America. Inclement weather, canceled blood drives, flu, and seasonal illnesses. VA encourages our employees and Veterans to donate now.

  • Vet throws holiday party for Veterans for 31 years

    Army Veteran “Doc” Dentice planned on a one-and-done holiday party for Veterans at the Milwaukee VA back in 1988. This year, assisted by 85 volunteers, he did it again…party number 31!

  • VA-led study asks: Is alcohol healthy?

    A new study of more than 400,000 people finds that one or two drinks four days a week increases the risk of premature death. Many Veterans from 18 to 85 were included in the study.

  • Electro Convulsive Therapy for Veteran’s depression

    Army Vietnam Veteran Donald Weiss is being treated for depression with Electro Convulsive therapy. He is under anesthesia and feels nothing during the procedure. And it’s working.

  • VA’s “Warrior to Soul Mate” program for couples

    She’s in Iraq. He’s at home with the kids. The distance and the difference in life’s demands can cause problems. VA has a great program that helps couples learn skills to deal with the challenges.

  • Identifying Veterans at highest risk for suicide

    VA has a program called REACH VET which identifies Veterans at highest risk for suicide. It identified 30,000 Veterans in its first year. A study calls the program promising.

  • VA Observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Because it is estimated that approximately 12 percent of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point during their lifetime, mammograms and early detection are critical.

  • VA working to treat polytrauma and TBI Veterans who suffer headaches

    While treatment for headaches is available at all VA medical centers, seven hospitals are specifically working to help polytrauma and TBI Veterans.

  • Veteran Finds Salvation in VA Treatment Program Suicide Prevention Month

    Marine Veteran Randy Elston attempted suicide because he felt there was no hope. After treatment at VA’s San Diego Aspire Center, his life has the promise of a successful future for him and his family.

  • Army Veteran returns to annual TEE tournament in Iowa

    Army Veteran Joni Mulvania is back for this year’s TEE Tournament in Iowa, an annual event for blind Veterans and those with other disabilities. She exemplifies the spirit of the games.

  • Women Veterans’ health training on the move

    A quarter of women Veterans receiving VA health care live in rural areas. VA is making sure their doctors, nurses and staff are up to date on women’s health care needs.

  • PTSD treatment works for Vet, 48 years after ‘Nam

    It took Army Veteran Jerry 48 years after his tour in Vietnam to ask VA for help with his PTSD. Today, he “can do a lot of things” he couldn’t do before and “accepts life a lot easier.”

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