• National Insurance Awareness Day: Are you and your family covered?

    Knowing the importance of life insurance coverage and what the common types are helps Veterans and their families secure a financial future.

  • VA life insurance milestone: FSGLI has provided for millions of military families

    Nov. 1, 2021, is the 20th anniversary of FSGLI. Since 2001, VA has paid nearly $1.7 billion in claims to 8.9 million service member dependents.

  • Veterans can help survivors plan ahead

    There are certain steps and helpful tools Veterans can take to plan ahead and help their survivors navigate VA when the inevitable comes.

  • Borne The Battle 144: Joseph Pennington – Navy Seabee Veteran, Allstate Director of Military Programs

    Back in episode 130, our intern Zach interviewed his professor from Johns Hopkins University. For his “final” we challenged him to go find an interview off his campus.

  • Rural VA: Benefits beyond the big city

    The Veterans Health Administration goes where its patients are. With […]

  • What’s so good about being a physician at VHA?

    Over 6.3 million Veterans and their families turn to Veterans […]

  • Updating your insurance beneficiary can bring peace of mind

    Life Insurance should give you and your loved ones peace […]

  • America’s Heroes: Caregivers Get More Support

    VA and Easter Seals partner to provide training to Family Caregivers. A program application for services is available for injured post-9/11 Veterans.

  • VA Enhances Support of Family Caregivers

    VA highlights a new program that will support Family Caregivers of post-9/11 injured Veterans, and how to access these new services and resources.

  • My VA Care

    A Veteran shares her experiences and struggles with VA Care for obstetric care, and the need for a streamlined process to aid reintegrating female Veterans.

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