Over 6.3 million Veterans and their families turn to Veterans Health Administration (VHA) for care each year. We are one of the Nation’s largest health care employers and have over 14,000 physicians of all levels on our staff. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a physician at VHA, providing for those millions? Or thought about joining their ranks? Read on to find out how VHA stands out from other hospitals and health systems around the country.

Physicians are on the front line of providing care for our Veterans and their families. VHA has needs for physicians at all levels, from primary care to sub-specialties like long-term care, psychiatry, plastic surgery, neurology, radiology and more. We also have several options available for physicians interested in leadership and administrative roles, such as service chief, chief of staff, medical center director and regional director.

To ensure our physicians provide the best care, VHA provides continuing education, on-the-job training resources and even teaching opportunities for all career levels. VA Knowledge Network allows physicians to sharpen their skills in a traditional classroom or on the job. Physicians can also choose online professional development and work-related courses to help keep their careers on track. If you would rather share your knowledge, VHA physicians can develop medical education courses or pursue faculty positions with some of the 112 VA-affiliated medical schools.

While physicians have demanding careers, there are significant benefits that come with the job. Not only does being in the public sector give VHA more flexibility in the benefits it offers employees, we focus on providing those employees with a solid work-life balance. After all, when physicians worry less about paperwork, they focus more on their patients and families. Some public sector benefits our physicians enjoy include ample paid time off (10 federal holidays, 26 vacation/personal days, and 13 sick days each year), government malpractice coverage and the ability to practice in any VA facility with just one active state license. Not to mention the Education Debt Reduction Program and scholarships available to help physicians pay off their student loans.

With a focus on collaborative environments and facilities all around the country, VHA knows a job is more than just pay and benefits, and your day-to-day experience is a vital part of career fulfillment. We go where our Veterans go, so there are a variety of options for physicians wishing to practice and live in a rural, small-town environment. Over forty percent of our patients live in rural areas, with nearly half of all Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans living in those regions. Not only do our rural physicians enjoy advanced facilities and flexible schedules, they also enjoy lower housing costs, less traffic and a higher net income. Regardless of location, we strive to create a diverse and inclusive workforce, and were even voted one of the best places to work for people over 50 by AARP.

If you are ready to expand your professional skills, gain a healthy work-life balance and directly help our Nation’s Veterans, Join us. Here you’ll find a community of interdisciplinary professionals focused on work that is truly rewarding.

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Published on Apr. 25, 2016

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