• Healthy Weight Week promotes a healthier you!

    The MOVE! program can help you find a healthier lifestyle this Healthy Weight Week and always. Ditch the diet & choose a healthy lifestyle instead.

  • Fresh Focus #19: MOVE! with a Blueprint for Success

    MOVE! Weight management program is a lifestyle intervention for weight management. In this Fresh Focus episode, we are going to refer to it as our blueprint for success.

  • Veteran drops 88 pounds with MOVE! weight loss program

    Veteran Robert Jarousak, who served his country in both the Navy and the Army, has struggled with his weight for years. Here is the story of how he lost 88 pounds in VA's MOVE! program.

  • Letter to VA: Veteran gives thanks for life-changing experiences

    Our friends at the White River Junction VA received this heartfelt letter from "A Grateful Veteran" who graduated from the MOVE Program. The Veteran has physically and mentally turned his life around, and he wanted to give thanks for his excellent care.

  • It’s time to ‘Spring Clean’ your pantry

    While you are Spring cleaning the rest of your house, take a look in your pantry to see if you have items that should be thrown out or stocked up.

  • Florida Veterans achieve weight loss and overall health goals with VA’s MOVE! Program

    MOVE!’s core ideas—encouraging healthy eating behavior and increasing physical activity are easy to follow and based on the latest in nutrition science.

  • Improving Veterans’ mental health through physical therapy

    Exercise and physical activity are essential to both a healthy […]

  • VA dietitian offers heart-healthy choices for Valentines Day

    Before you buy a box of chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day read the label. Choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa and avoid chocolates processed with alkali and added sugar.

  • VA dietitian highlights benefits of farmers markets

    The best time of day to hit the farmers market is early in the morning so that you get the most variety and options while they are freshest.

  • Helping Veterans achieve their weight management goals this summer

    It’s officially summer—the perfect time to get out and get […]

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