• Want to join physical therapy research study? From your home?

    A research study tests how a 12-week telehealth physical therapy program improves the lives of Veterans and helps you reach your health and wellness goals.

  • Help Veterans get back in action as a physical therapist

    Whether helping a Veteran recover from surgery or increasing their mobility, your career as a physical therapist at VA will always be rewarding.

  • Helping Veterans with migraines and headaches

    Mission of Headache Center of Excellence is to provide quality headache care to Veterans. Holistic approach includes advanced therapies.

  • Women Veterans: Relief is available for pelvic pain

    Chronic pelvic pain is a common condition in women Veterans. VA health care providers can identify causes and provide treatment options.

  • Team approach helps older Veterans reduce risk of falls at home

    Idaho VA physical therapist and multidisciplinary Home-Based Primary Care team work together to provide treatment for older rural Veterans.

  • Physical therapy important for aging Veteran population

    Physical therapy is an alternative to surgery, prevents injury, reduces pain and restores independence, especially for older Veterans.

  • Listen to your body – MSK conditions in women Veterans

    Two years after injuries in Iraq, Elizabeth Jackson sought care at VA. Here is her story of treatment for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

  • VA physical therapy prepares Veteran for new prosthetic

    After foot amputation, Veteran works with VA physical therapist to strengthen his amputated limb to support walking with his new prosthetic.

  • Kansas City VA’s new clinic largest in health care system

    New Kansas City VA clinic will provide multiple primary care and specialty services for Veterans. Reduces need to travel to main campus.

  • Physical therapist heals with ‘just her hands and some hope’

    Physical therapy trainee helped a vulnerable Veteran during her first week at VA.

  • Medically Complex Telerehabilitation program “saved my life”

    Medially Complex Telerehabilitation addresses functional and motivational needs of Vets through their individual telerehabilitation and coaching sessions. There’s also camaraderie and social support.

  • Physical therapy program reduces chronic pain for older Veterans

    California VA physical therapy program combines exercises with instruction on the neuroscience of pain to help older Veterans increase mobility, reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.

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