• VA and IHS collaborate to serve American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans

    VA and the Indian Health Service signed an interagency agreement to improve health care for American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans.

  • VA researchers link PTSD, anxiety fears in women with history of military sexual trauma

    A growing body of research is showing that brief psychological treatments designed to combat myths regarding the danger of physical symptoms of anxiety, coupled with repeated exposure to these sensations, can lead to reductions in anxiety sensitivity, according to Ennis.

  • Let’s talk about substance use

    VA has many treatment options to help Veterans recover from substance use. Here are valuable links to information and programs.

  • Reminding maternity Veterans they are not alone

    Gulf Coast VA’s Women Veterans Program hosted drive-thru baby showers at community-based outpatient clinics for currently pregnant women Veterans or those who have delivered in the past year.

  • VA genetics program aims to increase mental health treatments for Veterans

    Leaders of the Million Veteran Program (MVP) are addressing this gap through a new initiative called MVP MIND. It will survey 50,000 new participants with serious mental health conditions about their experiences. MVP officials believe such efforts will lead to more powerful research into these issues and better treatments.

  • Study: PTSD raises suicide risk for those with prostate cancer

    Conversely, the researchers concluded that men with prostate cancer and PTSD may have been at lower risk of death from non-suicidal causes due to favorable physical health resulting from greater health care use and early diagnosis of localized—or low-risk—cancer.

  • Providing innovative quality PTSD care

    The Battle Creek VA Mental Health Service sought new ways to provide access to treatment for Veterans with PTSD. Read about their PTSD virtual Intensive Outpatient Program. “VA at its best.”

  • PTSD and moral injury linked to pregnancy complications

    A new VA study of women Veterans has found that elevated symptoms of PTSD and moral injury can lead to pregnancy complications, such as preterm birth.

  • Military movies can show PTSD battles

    Military movies can often remind Veterans of their service. They can also bring up painful memories of the past.

    Air Force Veteran and Silver Star recipient John Pighini is someone who knows both sides of this issue. He recently worked as a technical adviser on a major motion picture that showcased the bravery of service members, but also brought up a painful past. These movies can sometimes show Veterans dealing with their own struggles: anger, paranoia, edginess, regret and survivor’s guilt.

  • Vietnam Veteran Finds Closure at Local Vet Center

    Local Vietnam Veteran finds closure at St. Louis Vet Center

  • Improving Veterans’ mental health through physical therapy

    Exercise and physical activity are essential to both a healthy […]

  • Learn about the VA mental health hiring initiative

    At VA hospitals throughout the nation, opportunities are available for […]

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