• Veteran disability payments led to fewer hospitalizations

    In 2001, VA made diabetes a presumptive condition for disability compensation. Veterans who served with "boots on the ground" in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos during the Vietnam war were eligible. The decision was based on an Institute of Medicine report that found a possible association between exposure to Agent Orange and diabetes.

  • Dr. Leigh Hochberg, pioneer in brain-computer technology, receives 2022 VA Magnuson Award

    Hochberg is a researcher at the Providence VA Medical Center in Rhode Island, with more than 17 years’ expertise. He is director of the BrainGate clinical trials—conducted by leading laboratories in neuroscience and neuroengineering—which are focused on developing and testing intracortical brain-computer interfaces (BCI). 

  • Study reports on satisfaction with upper-limb prostheses

    A survey of more than 400 Veteran users of upper-limb prostheses found little difference in satisfaction based on device type. Overall rankings fell just shy of "satisfied."

  • Study at VA community living centers suggests positive results from antibiotic stewardship

    A new study finds a significant drop in antibiotic use at VA community living centers treating older Veterans with urinary tract infections—a positive sign in efforts to limit the health problems that can result from the improper use of antibiotics.

  • New brain stimulation technique shows promise in easing PTSD

    A VA study found that a form of brain stimulation that can rapidly improve communication between neurons in the brain helped ease PTSD symptoms.

  • VA rehabilitation scientist recognized for work with Veterans affected by upper-limb loss

    A career researcher with the Providence VA Medical Center in Rhode Island, has been awarded for her work with Veterans who have experienced upper-limb loss.

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