• Emergency preparedness simulations: Full-scale exercises create immersive scenarios to protect Veterans

    In this four-part series on VA's Emergency Preparedness Simulation efforts, you'll see how simulation and emergency preparedness professionals build collective strategies that mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover from tragedies impacting Veterans and their communities.

  • Simulation leads to improved care for Veterans

    The SLICE & Simulation Showcase brought together simulation experts from across VA to share how their practices are improving Veteran care.

  • Nursing graduates dive into simulation to improve Veteran care

    Nursing is the backbone of the health care industry. VA simulation is helping them get the training and confidence they need on the job.

  • VA Medical Center drastically reduces cardiac arrest deaths for Veterans

    RSST was established in 2012 to help combat needless cardiac arrest deaths by providing consultative evaluation for hospital staff who are often thrust into “Code Blue” situations in dire circumstances.

  • Immersive technology: Defining a new reality for Veteran health care

    While many health care organizations are just beginning to explore virtual reality, augmented reality, and other immersive technology (collectively known as extended reality, or XR), VA is taking the lead in using XR to change how Veterans receive and access their health care.

  • Emergency Preparedness Simulations: Functional exercises test durability of VA health systems

    In this four-part series on VA Emergency Preparedness Simulation efforts, learn how simulation and emergency preparedness at VA work.

  • Providers gain insight through the Dementia Experience

    Have you ever wondered what Veterans with dementia go through? The Dementia Experience, offered at the Simulation Learning, VHA National Simulation Center, provides that exact insight to VA medical providers can learn to understand dementia patients' daily struggles.

  • Emergency Preparedness Simulations: Using tabletop exercises to protect Veterans

    In this four-part series on VA Emergency Preparedness Simulation efforts, you will learn about simulation and emergency preparedness at VA.

  • HIMSS 2022: Veteran health care takes center stage at global health IT conference

    VA employees attended the 2022 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, or HIMSS22, held on March 15, 2022.

  • Training for the worst day: Emergency preparedness simulations

    A four-part series on Department of Veteran Affairs Emergency Preparedness Simulation efforts through SimLEARN.

  • Make ‘em sweat: In clinical training, details matter

    It is important for clinical Veteran caregivers to understand how to work with patients with heavy sweat. Simulation helps.

  • SimLEARN Fellow uses EMT experience to enhance Veteran care

    Each month, SimLEARN will highlight one VA Interprofessional Advanced Fellowship in Clinical Simulation (IAFCS) fellow (SimLEARN Fellow).

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