• Veterans leave tobacco behind and choose what matters to them

    VA encourages Veterans to consider their life goals and how tobacco use might stand in their way. Read how five Veterans stopped using tobacco.

  • Study: Smoking increases risk of death for Veterans with COVID-19

    COPD is a group of respiratory diseases that limit airflow and make it hard to breathe. It’s usually linked to an abnormal inflammatory response in the lungs to noxious particles or gases, such as cigarette smoke.

  • Care for Veterans with substance use disorders

    In honor of International Recovery Day Sept. 30, VA wants you to know: Substance use disorder is a disease that can be treated, and recovery is possible. VA uses a variety of proven therapies and medications to help support Veterans who have been diagnosed with substance use disorder.

  • Veteran changes his life with support of Whole Health coach

    After foot surgeries, sciatic nerve issues and years of smoking, Veteran James Mitchell was using a walker, was stressed out, and life was at its lowest point. Then he started his Whole Health journey.

  • 2021 is the year you quit smoking

    Smoking harms the lungs, heart, and nearly every organ in the body. Veterans have many options to receive tobacco cessation treatment without leaving home. Print this blog for you or your Veteran.

  • The fight against Veterans’ lung diseases

    VA diagnoses 7,700 Veterans with lung cancer each year and an estimated 900,000 remain at risk due to age, smoking and other environmental exposures during and after military service.

  • Veterans share how they quit smoking

    New England VA helps Veterans with support needed to quit smoking. Success is not due to willpower or luck. Here’s how three Veterans kicked the habit and are living healthier lives.

  • Why Veterans should celebrate World No Tobacco Day

    Stopping tobacco use can improve your mental health and sense of well-being and improve physical health. Good news: Never too late to stop using tobacco and start enjoying a better quality of life.

  • Grandson prompts Veteran to quit smoking

    His grandson did not like the way he smelled, so this Veteran joined VA’s “Thinking About Quitting?” program and quit smoking after decades of a pack-a-day. “He didn’t want tobacco to control him.”

  • Smoke-free policy begins to take effect Oct. 1 at all VA medical facilities

    Patients, visitors, volunteers, contractors, vendors and employees will begin to see a smoke-free policy at VA health care facilities starting Oct. 1.

  • Start enjoying the health benefits of a smoke-free environment…

    VA modernizes its policies to be consistent with its commitment to Veterans and the community in providing a healthy smoke-free environment by October 1, 2019.

  • Thousands of Veterans have quit smoking

    VA’s Better Starts Today campaign encourages Veterans to consider how their lives will improve after they quit smoking. Hashtag #BetterStartsToday – share the first step you’re taking to quit smoking.

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