• Veteran changes his life with support of Whole Health coach

    After foot surgeries, sciatic nerve issues and years of smoking, Veteran James Mitchell was using a walker, was stressed out, and life was at its lowest point. Then he started his Whole Health journey.

  • Tele-mental health care brings options to Texas Veterans

    “Our mental health department was ahead of the curve…we increased access to mental health care, medication management and counseling for patients who may not have otherwise had it.”

  • Gardening can lead to healthier lives

    Research has shown that those who garden seem to have lower levels of stress, lower levels of chronic inflammation, which can lower risk for heart disease and other chronic conditions.

  • Moving forward with stress management

    Navy Veteran John Leaf experienced a lot of stress in Vietnam. He dealt with it over the years by throwing himself into his work and looking for something to hide his stress. He found help at VA.

  • In tough times, call on VA for mental health support

    The Executive Director, Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, […]

  • Live Whole Health #47 – Name that emotion to manage stress

    Stress plays an important part in our day to day life. Left unchecked, it can affect our ability to feel balanced, both mentally and physically.  Allowing yourself space and time to recognize and release those feelings of excess stress is an important part of self-care.

  • Make every day count: A guide to wellness with VA

    Veterans Wellness Guide: downloadable tool to introduce Veterans to activities that improve their overall well-being. The guide takes a scientific approach to improving a person’s quality of life.

  • Stress Management Response Team (SMaRT):

    VA Health care workers are managing stressful situations and are exposed to the unknown course of the pandemic. The Hampton VA medical center has implemented a Stress Management Response Team (SMaRT).

  • Some tips to help you sleep

    Insomnia can develop due to stress. Loss of sleep itself can become a new stressor. Here are some sleep strategies that can help keep sleep on track and prevent insomnia disorder.

  • VA telehealth connects Vietnam Veteran to pain management resources

    William Vaughn’s Huey helicopter was sprayed with a herbicide that packed a lifelong punch. Today, he uses telehealth on a regular basis to meet with his VA psychologist to discuss his chronic pain.

  • Live Whole Health Self-care series episode #22 – Stress

    Stress is a normal part of life. Learning how to manage it well keeps us healthy.

  • Live Whole Health Self-care episode #11 – Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Sleep

    Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a process of tensing one part of your body at a time and then releasing it, paying attention to the experience of how it feels to “let go.” Doing this practice helps you learn where you carry tension and how to release it, and it’s used to manage stress and anxiety, reduce chronic pain including headaches, decrease blood pressure, and help with digestion.

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