• VA supports experiencers’ path of recovery, resilience

    Your path of recovery is yours. Find your resilience and seek help after an incident of sexual assault or harassment.

  • PTSD: When someone shares a trauma

    You may not know what to say when someone you care about shares a PTSD trauma story. Learn tips to have a conversation that offers support.

  • Ten VA jobs that are open to the public right now

    VA has numerous jobs available to the general public, which means the start of your VA career might be just around the corner.

  • National Human Trafficking Awareness Day – Jan. 11

    The pandemic has led to increased human trafficking by more than 40%. These changes increase the risk of exploitation in the Veteran community.

  • Family thanks VA for caring for their husband and father

    In a time of painful grief, a Veteran’s family paused to thank VA staff for taking care of their Veteran husband and father on his last night. “It brought so much comfort to our family.”

  • 2019 Caregiver Resource Directory released

    DoD released the 2019 Caregiver Resource Directory. It includes 114 pages of resources and programs that assist and support caregivers.

  • #BorneTheBattle 70: Bonnie Carroll – Air Force Veteran, Founder of TAPS President and Founder

    Bonnie Carroll talk about her military service, losing her spouse, founding TAPS, dealing with grief, and how survivors can get assistance through TAPS.

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