• Living With The People In The Mirror

    A soldier's story. Your personal enemies in the mirror are more fearsome than any soldier or terrorist in the world. Remember who you are.

  • Countering Negative Stereotypes of Veterans

    Veterans face an obstacle that is weaving into the American psyche–unjust stereotyping. Veterans should be recognized for their service and sacrifice.

  • CVSOs: Helping Veterans Right Here At Home

    County Veterans Service Officers (CVSO) ensure Veterans’ claims are being addressed properly through education, training, and advocacy.

  • A Thank You to Our Volunteers

    Laura Balun thanks the volunteers at the VA medical center in Washington, DC in a guest post after her experience there during a Ladies Night event.

  • VA: Real People Getting Stuff Done, for Real

    The VA is working on improving and extending medical and education benefits.

  • Battle In Their Hearts

    Recognizing the signs of PTS and PTSD could save a life in crisis.

  • Honoring America’s Last Surviving WWI Veteran

    The Department of Veterans Affairs honors Mr. Buckles, who is the last living U.S. Veteran of World War One.

  • One by One

    VA guest post written by Carolyn Saxton, the proud wife of a retired Army Veteran.

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