• Fresh Focus “Heart to Home” episodes: #61-63

    In each episode of this six-episode Heart to Home series on the Fresh Focus podcast, VA dietitians are dishing out heart health tips from hospital discharge to home.

  • Marine Corps Veteran fights diabetes with VA support

    Dangerous blood sugar levels, then a severe infection, then amputation. Through it all, Marine Corps Veteran is optimistic and grateful to VA.

  • Veteran moms-to-be in Michigan learn about cooking healthy meals

    Battle Creek VA offers program for new or expectant mothers to learn about cooking healthier and socializing with other expectant Veterans.

  • What’s food got to do with it? Tina Turner tune leads to thoughts of healthy food

    Tina Turner tune took VA dietitian back to a basic question: What’s food got to do with the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle?

  • Fruits, vegetables and prebiotics: a tasty way to a healthy gut

    VA dietitian: probiotics protect us by acting as a barrier from harmful substances, viruses, fungi and dangerous bacteria that we ingest.

  • Men’s Health Month: Yes, you can cook it yourself

    This month is all about encouraging men to take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and working to prevent disease. The goal for this campaign is to heighten awareness of preventable health problems.

  • Another delicious and healthy veggie for Veterans

    A VA dietitian nutritionist celebrates Sweet Potato Month with healthy food facts for Veterans. February is also African American Heritage Month: Check out her West African sweet potato peanut stew.

  • Fresh Focus #1: Healthy Plate Method – Keep it simple

    Beth Blair, a MOVE! Dietitian, dives into the first episode […]

  • Serve Up Family Memories at the Table

    To ensure that your holidays are merry, here are some tips to help prevent foodborne illness from crashing your holiday or family party.

  • The benefits of a vegetarian meal: Where’s the beef?

    Many people find that reducing their meat intake not only improves their health, but also helps their wallet, and reduces our dependency on farm-raised meats.

  • Liver: The forgotten organ

    The liver is often overlooked compared to the heart and brain, but is important to our health to keep us sharp as we age. When we think of the liver, we may think it is enough to simply limit how much alcohol we drink. But what about the food we eat?

  • VA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist: Food fuels your mind!

    VA Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) weighs in on the benefits of how healthy eating and activity patterns can enhance your mood and brain functions!

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