Fresh Focus Episode #61: Transitioning to home

There is a crucial time after being discharged from the hospital where making nutrition changes could prevent the need to go back. As dietitians, we understand how hard it can be to digest nutritional information when discharged from the hospital.

With so much information, it can be hard to find a starting place once you are back at home.

In episode #61, Registered Dietitian Ryan Santanna-Hart offers strategies to get started, including how to schedule an appointment with your local VA dietitian. Topics include meal planning, limiting high sodium foods, and lifestyle changes that can help reduce symptoms. This series aims to support our nation’s heroes with their heart health.

Fresh Focus Episode #62: Lifestyle changes for healthy heart 

VA Dietitians want to help encourage Veterans, their family and caretakers to maintain heart health. Keeping our hearts healthy is important and nutrition can play a big role. In episode #62, listen along as Kristine, MOVE Coordinator, reviews her top three lifestyle changes that can help improve heart health.

This episode starts off with selecting a variety of high fiber colorful fruits and vegetables, and focusing on having a balanced healthy plate. In addition to discussing meals, it focuses on being physically active and being mindful of your weight. MOVE! is a great program to help with weight management. Finally, look for Whole Health options in your area for movement activities for a great way to increase physical activity.

Fresh Focus Episode #63: Thinking outside the box 

Realistically, heart healthy eating will have a different starting point for everyone. It might mean making a few smaller changes for some or bigger substitutions for others. If you are in the process of working toward eating healthier to reach your goals, then listen in to episode #63, where Marion VA dietitians review ways to limit processed foods that can be high in sugar and salt.

Your local VA dietitian can help assist you in meal planning to meet your own individual needs. This episode provides strategies to help find replacements for boxed items and provides many fun and delicious recipes with using cost effective ingredients.

By Fresh Focus is a team of registered dietitian nutritionists with the Marion VA Health Care System who collaborate with VA dietitians nationwide

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Published on Jul. 2, 2022

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