• Height may be risk factor for multiple health conditions

    Height is not typically considered a risk factor for diseases. But past research has shown correlations between how tall someone is and their likelihood of experiencing a number of health conditions. What isn’t well understood is whether this correlation has a biological basis or is due to other factors.

  • VA medical center director: Good research, good clinical work complement each other

    At the time, Kilmer recalls, Baker ingrained in him a philosophy that he takes to heart today as director of the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System: Good clinical work supports good research, and good research supports good clinical work.

  • VA nurse honored to support Apache nation during COVID-19 peak

    VA nurse Dorothy Barrow deployed to the Whiteriver Indian Hospital, ready to support the White Mountain Apache Reservation in Arizona during a peak period of COVID-19 cases there in June.

  • VA researchers to study blood plasma for treating seriously ill COVID-19 patients

    Some 700 Veterans who are hospitalized at VA medical centers are being enrolled in the trial, with half getting convalescent plasma and the other half in a control group.

  • Veterans serving Veterans: VA researchers who served

    Dr. Edward Jones is in the Army Reserves. He’s the section chief of general surgery and the interim director of advanced surgical endoscopy at the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. He also conducts research into surgical methods and cancer outcomes.

  • Staying heart healthy: The importance of phosphorus for Veterans with chronic kidney disease

    Veterans and others with chronic kidney disease are at a much higher risk of developing heart disease, compared with the general population.

  • Care for Veterans as a spinal cord injury nurse at VA

    Spinal cord injury (SCI) nursing at VA is a challenging […]

  • New program allows VA staff to make house calls for Veterans who return home after inpatient mental health care

    VA’s HOME Program was created to help patients – especially those who live in rural areas – access mental health care after they transition from inpatient psychiatric care and re-enter their community.

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