• Two nurses working together…30 years after nursing school

    VA nurses Wendy and Arlene went to nursing classes together…30 years ago. Now they help Veterans in North Carolina with virtual care.

  • Texas VA nurse named 2022 Pathway Nurse of the Year

    “VA Pathway Nurse of the Year epitomizes shared decision-making, professional development, and well-being. Efforts kept staff engaged and excited to provide the highest quality of care.”

  • VA nurse develops first chest pain triage protocol for urgent care

    Lorilea Johnson pioneered a protocol for providers to assess the risk of a cardiac event occurring in patients experiencing chest pain.

  • North Texas VA nurse’s innovation helps prevent pneumonia

    The efforts of Nurse Borrinaga and team proved that good oral hygiene helped in preventing the onset of non-ventilator associated pneumonia.

  • Nurse recruiters: On a mission to find the best for Veterans

    Kathy Lawrence and Leslie Davis are nurse recruiters whose mission is to find the best quality nurses to care for our Veterans.

  • Nurse practitioners – a unique program for expanding care for Veterans

    Twenty-eight new nurse residency programs were added in academic year 2021-2022 in response to one of America’s critical health care occupation shortages.

  • A call to duty for retired VA nurses

    Five retired nurses suited up for the COVID-19 battle at the Houston VA. “As a Veteran and a nurse, this is where I belong right now.”

  • Birmingham VA nurses reunite Veteran with missing daughter

    A distressed young girl was sitting outside the VA hospital. Three nurses went to her aid and discovered she had been missing for months.

  • VA mother-daughter nurse team save a life in their neighborhood

    VA nurses Linda Longshaw and her daughter, Heather Longshaw, were on their way to dinner. Frantic people flagged them down to help with a person lying on the ground. Their quick actions saved his life.

  • Office of Academic Affiliations expands nurse residencies to 28 new sites

    VA post-baccalaureate RN and nurse practitioner residencies prepare highly qualified nursing professionals for VA and the nation. Of VA’s 80,000 nurses, 55% are eligible for retirement.

  • VA nurse executive recognizes nurses’ dedication and service

    Nurse executive Dr. Tracy Weistreich shares stories collected by the VA Office of Nursing Service about VA nurses who have demonstrated a commitment to Veterans’ well-being over the past year.

  • South Texas VA implements SAVE LIVES Act

    A vacant department store in San Antonio was transformed into an important location for Texans receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The provisions of the SAVE LIVES Act lets more people receive the shot.

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