• Standing Ready #6: Competitive Adaptive: History of sports in VA

    The Standing Ready season one finale, “Competitive Adaptative: A History of Sports in the VA,” looks at the past, present and future of VA adaptive sports.

  • Standing Ready #5: Innovating volunteers

    Volunteers have built communities of care and support and continue to meet the needs of Veterans. They are deeply rooted in our history. Hear how they have been shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Standing Ready #4: The battlefields of bureaucracy

    An insightful discussion with Acting Undersecretary of Health Dr. Richard Stone on the 75th Anniversary of the Veterans Health Administration.

  • Standing Ready #3: The Academic Advancement

    In the latest edition of the Standing Ready podcast, Dr. Murray Levin recalls his early days in the 1950s as a medical school resident in a VA hospital and shares his insights about the partnership between Northwestern and the VA during his time there.

  • Standing Ready #2: Provenance and the origins of VHA

    Episode two of Standing Ready: “Provenance: How VHA Came to Be” A discussion of the origins of the Veterans Health Administration - the largest integrated health care system in the country.

  • Standing Ready: The Prosthetic Progression

    Welcome to Standing Ready: An inside look at the histories and untold stories of VA’s innovations. Join VA historian Katie Delacenserie and producer Shawn Spitler for this new series.

  • Welcome to the Standing Ready podcast

    Standing Ready in an inside look at the histories and untold stories of VA's Innovations, highlighting the significant contributions of the nation's largest health care system through a historical lens.

  • Dr. Margaret Craighill: First woman doctor to receive military commission

    Dr. Margaret Craighill was the first woman doctor to receive a commission during World War II and the first VA female physician and consultant on the medical care of women.

  • VHA commemorates Black History Month

    Today’s VA embodies the spirit of the many Black men and women who were ground-breaking in history and continue to inspire us today. Pausing to remember their legacies and service.

  • 2021: Veterans Health Administration’s 75th anniversary

    For 75 years, the Veterans Health Administration has honored America’s Veterans by providing exceptional care to improve their health and well-being. This new video reviews VA’s legacy of caring.

  • We Shall Build an Outstanding Medical Service

    75 years ago, on Jan. 3,1946, President Harry Truman signed a law establishing VHA’s predecessor, the Department of Medicine and Surgery within VA, ushering in a new era of Veteran’s health care.

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