• Fiber – A “super” food to add to your diet

    Good for heart and gut health, fiber can reduce the risk of diabetes and some cancers, and aid with weight loss. It is rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Army Veteran Shelby

    Shelby knew he was overweight, but didn’t realize he had diabetes before coming to VA. VA helped him completely change his lifestyle.

  • VA MOVE! program offers Veterans lasting change

    Two Ohio Veterans embrace healthier lifestyles through VA’s judgment-free MOVE! program. Dietitian: “Healthy living isn’t one-size-fits-all.”

  • One-two punch of medication plus lifestyle changes helps Veterans with weight loss

    The study examined data for 43 local Veterans who were enrolled in the NY-MOVE! weight-loss program and who were prescribed an obesity medication. The most commonly prescribed medications at the local level were metformin (Glucophage), liraglutide, and phentermine/topiramate.

  • Veteran achieves liver health through nutrition

    A Veteran was interested in losing weight. Then his VA dietitian discovered he had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Here’s what she did.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Navy Veteran Dick

    Navy Veteran Dick got a second lease on life when his VA doctor helped him to lose almost a hundred pounds. Now, back to an active, healthy lifestyle, he credits VA with the win.

  • Marine Corps Veteran’s new resource for healthy lifestyle

    Marine Corp Veteran Tim Foley maintains his goals of living a healthy lifestyle with live online yoga sessions. The free access helps Veterans with chronic pain, diabetes and weight loss.

  • Veteran, 65, down 40 pounds… and working out!

    Air Force Veteran Steve Homison has gotten healthy - he's lost 40 pounds, his blood pressure is under control, his cholesterol and blood sugar numbers are down and he’s feeling great. He decided to “take that first step.”

  • Navy Veteran took back her freedom

    Her grandson said she walked funny. That did it. Sharyle Robert decided she would not let her weight make decisions for her. She joined VA’s MOVE! program and, 117 pounds later, says, “You can do it!”

  • Annie messages support Veterans on their weight loss journey

    Annie for Veterans is VA’s automated text messaging service that helps Veterans meet their health goals. Here’s how it helps two Veterans by sending them text reminders to manage their weight.

  • VA releases free mobile app to streamline health care access for Veterans and caregivers

    Make appointments, lose weight, send secure messages, download your VA care history -- all from your phone with the new VA Launchpad mobile app.

  • Smart diet and exercise help Veteran lose 100 pounds

    Fear was a great motivator for Marvin Williams. His younger brother died from a heart attack, a sad wake-up call telling him to do something about his weight. He did. So far, he’s lost 100 pounds.

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