• Industry, academics invited to design AI tool to help Veterans

    Teams invited to design an AI-enabled tool that leverages federal and VA-generated data to address a need for Veterans. The goal of this AI Tech Sprint is to help improve Veteran health and well-being.

  • VA Artificial Intelligence can be used to help diagnose cancer

    Experiments at Tampa VA use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help diagnose cancer and possibly other health issues. “We try to teach the computer to differentiate cancer images.”

  • How VA is Using Customer Feedback to Support Veteran’s Mental Health

    VA is using artificial intelligence (AI) systems capabilities leveraged by customer feedback industry best practices to identify and reach out to Veterans in crisis.

  • Artificial intelligence could help save kidneys

    Researchers from VA and the artificial intelligence company DeepMind have achieved a promising medical breakthrough, developing a technology that has the potential to predict a life-threatening kidney condition up to two days before it happens.

  • VA aims to expand artificial-intelligence research

    VA is already using artificial intelligence in several ways, such as for suicide prevention and cancer treatment. Now an effort is underway to widen the role of AI in VA care and research. To that end, VA has appointed its first-ever director of artificial intelligence.

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