• VA researcher questions whether opioid medications are better than non-opioid drugs to treat long-term back and knee pain

    VA is conducting a multi-site trial to test approaches aimed at improving non-opioid pain management while reducing opioid doses in patients with persistent pain.

  • VA research targets brain receptor that processes pain in PTSD, alcohol abuse patients

    Dr. Nicholas Gilpin, who recently was awarded a research grant from VA, is working to identify the neurobiological mechanisms in underlying heightened pain states in the context of alcohol dependence and stress disorders.

  • Mindfulness meditation: A promising tool to help reduce chronic pain and opioid use

    The growth and interest in mindfulness is due in large part to an impressive body of evidence that suggests mindfulness meditation practices can mitigate a number of physical and mental health issues, ranging from dealing with cancer and depression, to sleep problems and chronic pain.

  • Parkinson’s patient finds relief from pain through exercise

    This Army Veteran was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009 and the effects of the disease left him with hip pain. Initially, he sought relief from anti-inflammatory drugs, rest and physical therapy—but nothing was working until he started exercising.

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