• VA Innovators Network continues to make progress to improve the Veteran experience through innovation

    One example is the Care in the Community Tool (CITCoM). This innovation improved the timeliness of the information transfer to third-party administrators as part of the Choice program. According to a VHA Product Effectiveness study, the tool cut the time by more than half and ensures Veterans’ records are transferred in the most efficient manner possible and increases care safety.

  • VA Begins Implementation of Open Source EHR

    To advance health care services, VA has utilized telemedicine to extend their reach. The open source Electronic Health Record, VistA, is one tool.

  • VA Holds First Women’s Healthcare Roundtable

    The VA begins the first of many monthly roundtable discussions on Women Veterans' healthcare.

  • VA and NASA—Together on the Frontier of Discovery

    A VA researcher and former NASA astronaut shares her views on the VA-NASA partnership and the advances being made through current research.

  • I don’t know what it’s like: New PSAs

    Joining Forces, an initiative launched by Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, has reached out through their Veterans Crisis Hotline PSAs.

  • Personalized Medicine and the Million Veteran Program

    The Million Veteran Program will help personalize medical treatment by gaining a better understanding of the effects genes have on health and illness.

  • Collaboration is Key: Celebrating Research Week

    In honor of VA's Research Week, thanks is given to the Veterans who have volunteered in research studies and the partnership with the Department of Defense.

  • Electronic Health Records: The Latest Expansion

    The VA and DoD work to create a shared lifetime electronic records system and the successes of the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record is a great start.

  • Mobile App Helps Veterans with PTSD

    Clinical Psychologist for the National Center for PTSD

    Teams at VA’s National Center for PTSD and DoD’s National Center for Telehealth and Technology have collaborated to create a mobile phone application (app) to help Veterans and Service Members who have, or may have PTSD.

  • VA Launches 2011 Industry Innovation Competition

    The 2011 Industry Innovation Competition will focus on leveraging ideas from the private sector for the benefit of Veterans and medical care.

  • VA Innovation Initiative Makes First Industry Awards

    VA supports innovation and works to address Veteran issues through the VA Innovation Initiative, including new technologies and innovation competitions.

  • IRIS: Online Messaging with VA

    A look at the Inquiry Routing and Information System and information that may aid users having trouble transmitting through IRIS.

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