• Chats with the Chief: What innovation means and how it can help Veterans

    VHA chief of staff Jon Jensen sits down with Dr. Ryan Vega, chief officer of the Office of Healthcare Innovation and Learning.

  • Gaming, simulation teach how to manage difficult airways

    Dr. Jessica Feinleib develops award-winning approach to teach life-saving procedures. Motivation was tragic cases resulting in loss of life.

  • Dr. Michael DeBakey: The “Rebuilder of Hearts”

    American Heart Month, no better time to celebrate the accomplishments of world-renowned physician and Veteran, Dr. Michael E. DeBakey who revolutionized the field of cardiovascular surgery.

  • Texas VA awarded contract for TeleMental Health Hosting Facility

    The Texas VA Medical Center awarded has been awarded millions for a new TeleMental Health Hosting Facility that can serve more Veterans.

  • Battling opioids: Discussing innovative approaches to a national epidemic with VA experts

    Combating the opioid crisis head on is key to reducing the number of Veterans who die from opioid overdoses, and to changing the way VA offers care to Veterans.

  • VA’s new innovation podcast launches with powerful episode on suicide prevention

    The inaugural episode of the VA Innovation podcast features VA’s efforts to reduce and eliminate Veteran suicide - Secretary Shulkin’s top clinical priority.

  • New program allows VA staff to make house calls for Veterans who return home after inpatient mental health care

    VA’s HOME Program was created to help patients – especially those who live in rural areas – access mental health care after they transition from inpatient psychiatric care and re-enter their community.

  • VA chaplain creates group discussion program to help Veterans suffering from a moral injury

    Kerry Haynes, mental health chaplain and Gold Star Fellow at South Texas VA health Care System, created the Chaplain Groups for Veterans with Moral Injury to bring peace of mind and soul to Veterans suffering from a wounding of the conscience, whether from their own involvement or the action of someone in authority over them.

  • Innovation and diffusion come together to advance VA’s care of Veterans

    We are changing the way we do business so Veterans choose VA not because they have no other choice, but because we are the best at what we do, achieve superior results and make a difference in the lives of Veterans and their families.

  • Faces of Innovation: From finalist in ‘Diffusion of Excellence’ to national implementation

    Diffusion of Excellence Initiative empowers employees to share innovations and drive a supportive culture of continuous improvement.

  • Paralyzed Navy Veteran regains use of arm with implanted system

    This research study is believed to be the first instance in the world of a person with severe and chronic paralysis directly using their own brain activity to move their own arm and hand to perform functional movements.

  • VA center using 3D printing to create devices to help Veterans feel whole

    3D printers create objects from digital designs by laying down extremely thin layers of material one at a time building a three-dimensional object. These printers can create unique parts customized for each Veteran.

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