At VA, medical support assistants serve as important members of our clinic teams, allowing us to effectively carry out day-to-day administrative operations in support of Veterans.

Providing medical administrative support, you’ll work to connect Veterans with VA providers as you earn a competitive salary and unbeatable benefits.

“I love serving our Veterans,” shared one of our medical support assistants on Glassdoor. “Everyone I come in contact with is there to make our wonderful Veterans’ lives better. Only wish I’d started earlier!”

A day in the life

As a medical support assistant, you’ll perform clerical and office duties and provide customer service. You’ll answer phones, greet Veteran patients, schedule appointments and consults, help determine a clinic’s daily needs, verify and update insurance information, and more. Part of your daily duties will be to manage administrative information among the professional staff, patient, patient caregivers and their representatives.

“I love working for VA,” another VA medical support assistant offered in a Glassdoor review. “It gives me a great feeling to give back to those who have given their all to our nation. The pride I have in being a federal employee has been unmatched in any career field I have worked in over the last 30 years. VA is a very special place!”

Minimum qualifications for this position generally include great customer service skills, administrative computer skills, and the ability to learn and use basic medical terms. On-the-job experience in clerical, office, customer service or other administrative work, as well as post-high school education, can also qualify you for higher grades and better pay.

More than just a job

VA offers a remarkable compensation package, with an assortment of benefits that makes the job of serving Veterans all the more appealing.

  • Competitive starting salaries. We offer our employees strong starting salaries based on education, training and experience. We also offer steady growth, with periodic pay raises that address inflation and local market changes.
  • Flexible schedules. Our employees receive 13 to 26 paid vacation/personal days, as well as 13 sick days annually with no limit on accumulation, and we celebrate 11 paid federal holidays each year.
  • Robust insurance options. You can choose from a variety of health maintenance organizations or fee-for-service health plans, and all cover preexisting conditions. We also pay up to 75% of health premiums, a benefit that can continue into retirement.
  • Education and leadership. We offer ongoing leadership development through every level of employment, whether it is mandatory programs or competitive opportunities. All leadership programs align the organization around a set of core competencies that facilitate career development through continuous learning, coaching/mentoring and assessment throughout your career.

“This is a job you can retire in,” one medical support assistant noted on Glassdoor. “There are good benefits, you get all the holidays off. Once you are vested, you can move around to different positions.”

Work at VA

Now is the time to join our team by taking advantage of one of these opportunities for medical support assistants.

NOTE: Positions listed in this post were open at the time of publication. All current available positions are listed at

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Published on Mar. 1, 2022

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  1. Melinda March 2, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    The “medical support assistants”, ie, secretaries, at my VA are illiterate and untrained in correct secretarial duties. They do not know how to type and print a letter with the correct z-fold for a window envelope. It’s a wonder I ever receive them in the mail, that is when they can be bothered to mail me a letter to concern an appointment. I can run circles around the secretaries but I was TOO OLD so my VA never hired me and an age discrimination compliant got me nothing but LAUGHED AT.

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