Community providers who file claims directly with VA can use the eCAMS Provider Portal to check the status of a claim. The ePP is a reporting tool that allows registered users on demand access to claim status and line level adjudication information. Through ePP, providers can electronically access remittance reports, check/EFT information and Explanation of Payment (EOP) information.

Join us May 19 at 1 p.m. ET for a special webinar entitled “VA eCAMS Provider Portal.” During the webinar, Robert Russel with VHA Financial Services will discuss the steps for registering with eCAMS, how to access the eCAMS Provider Portal, and how to navigate the portal to find claims status and other information providers may be looking for. Attendees receive tools and resources to assist them with using ePP.

The eCAMS Provider Portal is only for community providers who file claims directly with VA. It cannot be used to obtain information on claims filed with VA Third Party Administrators (TPAs) like Optum United HealthCare and TriWest Healthcare Alliance.

If you are a Community Care Network (CCN) provider who filed a claim with Optum United HealthCare, please refer to the Optum VA Community Care Provider Portal. If you filed a claim with TriWest Healthcare Alliance, please refer to TriWest Provider Claims Information.

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By C. Barbara Plantt is an outreach coordinator for Digital Engagement, IVC Communications

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Published on May. 17, 2022

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