Martinsburg VA is always excited to share in the special moments of the Veterans they serve. Staff recently jumped at the opportunity to celebrate the 100th birthday of one of its treasured Community Living Center (CLC) residents.

Courage of Rhodes and fellow Soldiers prevailed

The medical center is honored to be home to Donald “Dusty” Rhodes, Army Veteran who spent six months as a Prisoner of War before being released back to his unit and sent to fight in the Battle of the Bulge.

His birthday was June 26

The Battle of the Bulge occurred in late 1944, during the wake of the Allied forces’ successful D-Day invasion of Normandy. Characterized by extremely cold conditions, the courage and determination of Rhodes and his fellow soldiers was tested against great adversity.

Ultimately the greatest generation prevailed. Rhodes returned stateside to build a life with his wife, Betty, who lives a short distance away at a retirement community in Pennsylvania.

The Rhodes family have five children, three of whom were present for the celebration that included a Quilts of Valor presentation.

The Martinsburg VAMC is honored to be the health care facility of choice for Army Veteran Rhodes and the other Veterans they are privileged to serve.

Happy birthday, Mr. Rhodes!

By Chiray Weatherholtz is the deputy public affairs officer at the Martinsburg VA

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Published on Jul. 17, 2022

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