Martinsburg VA Medical Center is proud to announce that Mike Clark was named Coach of the Year at this year’s National Veterans Golden Age Games in Sioux Falls.

Clark has been an employee of the medical center for eight years, five spent on the Team Martinsburg coaching staff.

Golden Games Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year

When asked about the games and its importance, he says, “Veterans tend to play rough but play well with each other.” He explains that the camaraderie built on and off the competition field is what really matters.

“We aren’t looking for world class athletes,” he says. “If we can bring the best out of our athletes in terms of health and attitude, we’ve done our job as coaches.”

Supports Veteran athletes year round

This year has become especially memorable to Clark, who was named Coach of the Year for his dedication, commitment and ICARE values that support his Veteran athletes’ year-round training and performance efforts.

“Clark consistently goes above and beyond to provide the necessary encouragement and promotion of Team Martinsburg Veteran athletes,” says Kristen Wingate, chief of Rehabilitation Services. “An Air Force Veteran, he is most deserving of this recognition.”

In addition to being a Certified Air Rifle Instructor, this year he added Certified Pickleball Instructor to his resume.

Reward is seeing Veterans healthier and stronger

“While winning medals are a shiny bonus, the true reward is watching Veterans walk away from the games healthier and stronger than they were when they started training,” says Clark.

Martinsburg VA operates a robust and ever growing Recreation Therapy program that emphasizes the “Fitness for Life” mottos by offering athletic competitions to demonstrate that sports, wellness and fitness assist Veterans through living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Hear firsthand from Clark by visiting to listen to the Fitness for Life episode of the Buzz Bytes Podcast. Go Team Martinsburg!

By Chiray Weatherholtz

Deputy public affairs officer, Martinsburg, WV, VA

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Published on Jul. 31, 2022

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  1. Tony Savoy August 19, 2022 at 12:24 pm

    Great job Mike!

  2. Ramon Myers August 11, 2022 at 1:17 pm

    First games for me was Ft Leavenworth , Kansas and last was U of Arkansas , Fayetteville, AR – My Alma Mater – with a break of a few years for cancer treatment/recovery. I donated my 30 odd medals to the K.T. Department of Olin Teague V A Medical Center, Temple, TX. As I approach my 87th Birthday I continue to be as active as possible and pass for a years- younger looking individual. As a diabetic for 50 years with thyroid issues and prostate cancer survivor for 14 years etc etc I can highly recommend a well rounded K.T. program for physical and mental health and participation in the Games. Many thanks for the opportunity provided and the memories!!!

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