What does it mean to work at VA? If you talk to our employees, as we often do on our “Talk About It Tuesday” (TAIT) web cast, you’ll find that there’s a common theme among members of our team.

When VA employees join us for the broadcasts, which air each week at noon EDT on our LinkedIn page, they’re always quick to share what brought them to VA and what is so special about their work: our mission.

Helping Veterans get back to daily life

For Lindsay Marth, amputation rehabilitation coordinator at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center, the sense of teamwork and mission she feels at VA is what motivates her and provides satisfaction with her work and her career in occupational therapy.

“I was looking for something that filled me with a strong sense of drive and passion, something that would fulfill me personally,” she said. “When the opportunity to join VA came up, it felt like the right mix for me.”

At VA, Marth knew she was joining a team of like-minded individuals, people who embraced the mission of caring for Veterans. However, she came to learn that VA encouraged her to prioritize the quality of her work, not just the quantity, and provide the best service and best decisions based on what’s best for the Veterans she assisted.

“That’s unique to VA,” she said. “Working on a team like this, I feel like the work that I am doing is contributing toward the greater good. For those of us that have a real passion for VA, it all comes back to the mission. That helps me keep focus. Knowing that we’re sharing in these successes and struggles together ends up being really satisfying.

Protecting and serving Veterans

Despite being a 22-year Air Force Veteran, Biloxi VA Medical Center Chief of Police F. Keith Bradley had never heard of VA Police until he was asked to assist with some interviews. Through that interaction, Bradley said he came to understand the mission a little better.

“Law enforcement itself is such a noble mission, but there is no more noble mission than taking care of our nation’s Veterans. That’s truly what brought me to VA.”

The uniqueness of the mission, and the knowledge that he is serving Veterans and those who care for them, was something that Bradley found personally appealing as he moved into a police career at VA. His enthusiasm for what he called “Veteran-centered policing” and his role in that effort offers him a fulfilling career.

“The Veteran is always at the center of everything we do. We get to speak to Veterans on a daily basis, talk to Veterans, assist them. A lot of times these are truly urgent requests, and many times across the nation, every day, VA police are helping Veterans get the care they need.”

Work at VA

If you have a mind to take on our mission of serving Veterans, don’t wait! Take the first steps to joining our team today!

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Published on Sep. 20, 2022

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  1. Lee Swann September 29, 2022 at 9:16 am - Reply

    WHAT can “VA” do for ME?
    I am a veteran of US Army (1948-1950)
    US Navy (1952-1959) I served in KOREA, and Guam, and NAS North Island; Damage Controlman, exposed to various chemicals as well as firefighting.
    US Coast Guard (1961-1963).
    I am 88 years old
    I have NO Service related Health Issues, although, I have had some SERIOUS health concerns.
    I have been “advised” by some Vets to seek VA medical assistance, especially with EXPENSIVE meds (ELIQUIS 2.5)

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