Enabling employees to work effectively whether they’re in the office, at home or in the field is a staple of the hybrid work environment at VA.

Our hybrid work options can offer you tremendous work-life balance advantages, and no matter where you work from, we’re always striving to improve the ways we can all stay connected.

Understanding the terminology

Since we offer both fully virtual positions and telework positions, VA has a “hybrid” workforce. As defined by GovLoop, an organization has a hybrid workforce if at least some of its employees work both in-office and remotely. At VA, our remote work options are typically divided into two categories: “virtual” and “telework.”

A “virtual” position allows you to conduct your work from a location of your own choosing. If you’re working virtually, you can be at home, at the coffee shop or even at the park—anywhere you have strong and consistent internet connection.

A “telework” position allows you to perform work at an approved alternate worksite, but these positions also require participation at the main facility on some days, giving you a chance to interact with your teammates while still retaining some remote benefits.

Engaging in a new work landscape

Regardless of where you work, VA is always committed to designing and implementing practices that ensure our employees are successful, supported and empowered to do their jobs well. Part of that effort is making sure our teleworking and remote teammates feel engaged and connected.

Airis McCottry Gill, executive director of Employee Experience and Organizational Management at VA’s Veteran Experience Office, was featured in GovLoop’s “Solving Your Hybrid Workforce Problems” guide, where she shared some of her insights into hybrid workplaces and keeping employees connected.

“Despite not working in the same physical space, we strengthened our communications, relationships and culture over the last two years by intentionally taking time and making space to pause and connect on a personal as well as professional level, a practice that I continue to encourage,” said McCottry Gill, who has a hybrid telework schedule of her own.

Remaining mindful of the mission

Our No. 1 priority at VA is our commitment to the care of Veterans. By creating a hybrid workplace that remains accessible and innovative, our employees can remain engaged in the mission of serving those who have served while improving their own work-life balance.

“For me, the rewards are grounded in the impact of the work on our incredible VA family,” McCottry Gill said. “Time after time, our participating employees end these sessions talking about the power of having the space to be seen and heard.”

VA remains committed to offering hybrid work to improve recruitment and retention as well. Earlier this year, Deputy VA Secretary Donald Remy said that a hybrid work environment would allow for a “new normal” where some staff would only have to come into the office a set number of days during the week.

“We’ll be transitioning to the future of work,” he said, “that will help keep the best employees at VA, bring the best employees to VA and, most of all, make sure all of those employees are safe at VA.”

Work at VA

As we continue to embrace hybrid workplaces here at VA, you’ll find more and more opportunities for you to work in ways that matter to you and improve your quality of life.

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Published on Oct. 21, 2022

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