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           Have you considered a career with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as a viable option during transition? I didn’t. I transitioned from Air Force (AF) Active Duty to an Air Force civilian position. I was elated and thankful that I was able to continue to work for the same Department I had served my country under while on Active Duty. After working for the Air Force for eight years active duty and three years as a civilian, I began to crave a new challenge and felt the urge to broaden my horizons. Immediately I began to scour http://www.usajobs.gov/ and I noticed a program being advertised, Department of Veterans Affairs Technical Career Field Training opportunity. After researching, I learned certain positions within the VA health care system require specialized knowledge that can only be obtained through a two-year internship in the VA Technical Career Field (TCF) Program. These full-time internships include salary, benefits, training, and travel. I thought, what a great opportunity to not only learn a new profession but also have two years to master that profession as an intern while receiving formal education and training. Certainly this cannot be beat!

VA Technical Career Field (TCF) Program

        I applied for the TCF Program, and based upon my experiences with VA Overseas Benefits Coordinators, I knew that this was the new direction I wanted to move forward in as I embarked upon a new chapter of my career with the United States Federal Government. Thankfully, I was hired, and I am now a Technical Career Field Human Resource Specialist Intern being guided by an experienced preceptor with broad ranging Human Resources experience. I am assigned to the Health Care Retention and Recruitment National Program Office in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I learn Human Resource management from a workforce succession planning perspective as well as from an operational perspective in conjunction with Human Resource Specialists from the South Eastern Louisiana Health Care System. The training and opportunities are one of a kind!

        Back to the original question: have you considered a career with the VA? As a Veteran, I was aware of the great benefits offered by the three branches the VA (Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration and the National Cemetery Administration); however, I was unaware the VA is actively recruiting Veterans to join the organization in order to meet President Obama’s “Plan to put Veterans back to work”.

         I have no regrets in making a change and I challenge all Veterans to do the same. Utilize your physical or virtual transition counselor to assist you with your resume, logon to www.USAJobs.gov to find great career opportunities, and, last but not least, APPLY!

Utilize the outstanding resources below!

http://www.militaryonesource.com/                    www.TurboTap.org

www.military.com                                  www.vacareers.va.gov


While on active duty, I was a photographer assigned to the Communication Squadron and Wing Public Affairs at locations in the U.S. and Asia.

Thanks for sharing your story and for your service!

– Darren

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Published on Apr. 12, 2012

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