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Employers love to hear about what is going on at their company. All too often, employers and prospective employees are limited to a few negative comments they notice on social media pages.

Where are the Brand Ambassadors? We all know that it is easier to complain than compliment and “no news is good news”. But every organization needs to rally the “Brand Ambassadors” every now and again.

I love working at VA! However, I rarely have an opportunity to tell others about it outside of work. I have a family and church and bills to pay like everyone else, so I am fairly separated from work at  home. However, it is important that every now and again I remind others what I do, where I work and why. See, I enjoy being surrounded by great people that are committed to the mission of serving Veterans. The more I talk about VA to others, the more attractive VA is as an employer to me.

Like any organization, there are those that do not agree that VA is the best employer around. Many help us improve by submitting complaints and suggestions to the proper channel. (See Disclaimer Page). But the majority of the Nation agrees, VA serves Veterans better than anyone else, and we do it with professionals committed to the mission. That is why it is important to tell others about VA often.

Through the power of social media today, the voice of one can join the voice of many. Often complaints can be resolved by individuals, but compliments, employee testimonies and stories about day-to-day life at work at VA can and should be shared with many. I love to see employees and Veterans and prospective job seekers assist each other with advice, guidance or encouragement in applying and working toward the goal of serving Veterans at VA. Even a personal insight about the rural area you work and live in can be just the information needed for a Physician to decide to move their family to a current opening location.

So, if you want to add Brand Ambassador to your resume and encourage other quality providers and professionals to join alongside you, share your stories and comments by staying engaged at www.facebook.com/vacareers today.

Employees can review Social Media Policies here

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Published on Mar. 8, 2013

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