View at Baseball gameLast night I had the opportunity to spend the evening doing many things American. Like watching a minor league baseball game, over eating hotdogs and hamburgers, drinking a beer; and sitting in the middle of 100 Veterans, Military and families celebrating our Nation’s freedom. Hooah!

It is odd how in Section 128 of the New Orleans Zephyr Field last night, we were one big family. Everyone’s kids were our kids. Spouses greeted each other like old friends. Laughs and a neglected boy by grandpa even had all the mom’s calling the Sherriff over to find the mean old man. He sure got some looks when he returned with his snacks. One tough military wife caught a foul ball with her leg and smiled as dad gave it to the daughter. We think she was okay, because she smiled, but that had to hurt.

We come from all over- from ever culture, state and step on the social ladder, but we all respect and know what each other stands for. There is nothing in the world like being a part of that family, the Veteran family.

VA is like that as well. With well over 40% of VA as Veterans serving 100% Veteran patients, it too often feels like home. It is a great place to be as a Veteran to receive care. But I also know why non-Veterans serve at VA as well. The only thing better than receiving great care, is to give it. Many choose to serve others in today’s society, from teachers, to policemen, to nurses and physicians, today’s population shows a strong desire to service others. That is what the military is all about, “To free the Oppressed”, to serve others, and if need be, to lay down one’s own life for his friends and family, his brothers and sisters.

VA healthcare providers make a difference daily. Many of the Veterans at last night’s event would not have been there if not for VA. Whether assisting them back to mobility or providing the tools to not isolate at home, they were there…Living.

VA helps Veterans by providing the tools to regain independence, to live life to the fullest. If you are an eligible Veteran, use the many services of VA that it has to offer us. And for those desiring to provide care to Veterans, APPLY TODAY.

There are many positions open nationwide, some close to you, and some more remote. Each location has Veterans in need of care providing many of us an opportunity to serve Veterans daily. VA is not a job, but an Agency that provides care to Veterans. If your skills are needed on, then apply today. Most of the positions are healthcare and are the same critical positions needed throughout America, but at VA, you will be able to serve patients that truly know the meaning of serving your country and your fellow man.

Together we can make every day, Independence Day for our Veterans

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Published on Jul. 5, 2013

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