When New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton was suspended from his position for a season following a scandal, he left a message for the team: “Do your job.” He did not leave saying that as an accusation or as a threat. I believe it was meant to remind everyone that if you do your part as an individual, the team will succeed, despite the criticism, the challenges, or what others think.

When we all do our jobs, everyone benefits.

People often want to know what it is like working at VA. For me, it is the best job I have ever had. I have worked with Veterans since 1983. There is nothing I enjoy more than being able to make a difference in a Veteran’s life. I am a Veteran; I am a retired US Army Master Sergeant, and a service-connected disabled Veteran residing in the state of Louisiana. As such, I enjoy many benefits that many do not even know about. I am amazed almost daily by how blessed I am to have been steered in the direction of a career as a military professional.

Today, I find VA under constant scrutiny in media and politics. Much of it, rightly so. VA does not shy away from media or public scrutiny; we remain transparent because our Veterans deserve the best. Each night I get a Google Alert for, “Veterans Affairs,” and, “VA Physician,” to stay current on what news will impact our ability to recruit quality providers and staff for VA. It can be a challenge, and I am not immune to meeting that challenge. What is hard to find are the good stories of service to our Veterans. I spent a week at VA Los Angeles last week and documented many Good News stories. While leadership there was dealing with some local issues and demonstrating best practices in transparency, we focused on Veteran and staff stories. Their testimonials regarding service to Veterans and quality Veteran care are incredible. We will be sharing them soon on our blog and I hope you share them widely—and include the media and political representatives.

Veterans need you to “Do your job.” If you are a VA employee and provide quality care and support to Veterans, do not get discouraged about distracting media stories: “Do your job!” If you are an employee or staff member that needs to recommit to the mission, then, “Do your job.” And lastly, if you are a quality healthcare provider with a desire to make a difference in Veterans lives, then “Do your job.” Your job is to learn how you can make a difference and consider a career with VA. Those not willing to be subjected to the scrutiny and demands of our Veterans need not apply.

Those ready to make a difference, Apply Today!

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Published on May. 4, 2014

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