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Published on Feb. 2, 2016

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  1. James Daniel Pitts February 12, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Pills will not fix me. In three months I will be homeless and with no hope of getting better ithe VA IG refuses to investigate my case

  2. James Daniel Pitts February 12, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    7 Factors can lower PSA levels (which mask PSA elevations):
    1. Herbal mixtures (but not saw palmetto): review supplements with your care providert (Not taking)
    2. Drugs used to treat enlarged prostate glands or treat urinary symptoms such as Proscar or Propecia or Avodart. Your doctor has to adjust the PSA level interpretation values if are on these medications.
    3. Obesity causes lower PSA levels
    4. Aspirin may lower PSA levels especially in non-smokers (Was taking daily
    5. Statin drugs (cholesterol lowering medications like Lipitor, Crestor, etc.)
    6. Thiazide diuretics are sometimes called “water pills” (such as hydrochlorothiazide) can lower PSA levels and if taken with a statin drug (#5), may result in even lower PSA levels
    7. [redacted]

    PSA labs were run every year by the VA clinic in Lufkin TX ordered by [redacted] using 4 as a reference guide. He should have used up-dated information taking into account PSA lowering drugs and life style and the fact that I could have been exposed to Agent Orange as I am a VIETNAM Vet. I think the VA may not have provided Primary Care Doctors with updated training and it is possible these PC Dr. received a bonus for not referring patients to specialists. I should have had a Prostate biopsy at a lot lower value than 4.
    [redacted] has never had a conversation with me about PSA levels or prostate cancer. He had stopped the Manuel prostate exams some time ago.
    In late Jan. or early Feb. 2014 I was having server pain in groin, passing blood and no bladder control I called the VA clinic to see if they would see me and was told to come in. I was sent to x-ray and lab The Dr. did not see me, his nurse [redacted] came to the waiting area to tell me they could not find anything wrong with me and was suggesting I see my Mental Health Dr. Another nurse interrupted and told me my blood work showed that I had an infection and[redacted] had ordered an antibiotic for me. After a few days’ symptoms had not cleared up so I decided to seek help outside the VA.
    The VA was giving me a false feeling of security that after several years of treatment for enlarged prostate, urinary infections and loss of bladder control that I was cancer free. These conditions with my enlarged prostate placed me at very high risk of prostate cancer. The [redacted] outside the VA after testing informed me, I had stage 4 aggressive prostate cancers. My PSA did not reach the 4 the number [redacted] was waiting to see. If my PSA had reached 4 my chance of surveille would have decreased by 80%. I filed for a disability benefit with the VA for malpractice by [redacted]. After a year the VA turned down my claim. I found my VA medical records were incomplete, not showing my non-routine visits to the Lufkin VA clinic, which is a crime and a violation of my civil rights.
    I went to the clinic after being told I had prostate cancer and requested a follow up PSA test and was refused.
    This is not the first time I had to have emergency surgery after seeing [redacted]. Dr. also did not refer me to a specialist. His nurse [redacted] did tell me if the pain gets worse to go to Emergency Room.
    His test showed an infection when in fact a sack had ruptured in my colon, I now have an ostomy. After arriving at VA Emergency Room I was in surgery within 30 minutes. I was only hours from dying.
    As far as visit for prostate my VA medical record does not show this visit their response is the records does not exist. Could not have been deleted, destroyed or have been charted wrong or hacked, the visit did not happen It appears to me they are all telling the same tale, with is a flat big lie
    MY wife was with me for this visit she did the driving as I was in too much pain.
    The VA, IG refuses to investigate or tell me, or put anything in writing as to why. I am sure I know why, that if became known it would cause major damage to the VA that they could not survive but they do know I am telling the truth.
    Bob McDonald knows and willing to let this lie stand
    My bladder problems are getting worse, I have an appointment with [redacted] this week. I think damage to bladder cause from years of untreated enlarged prostate.

    Editor’s note: Portions of this comment have been edited by Vantage Point staff per VA’s social media policy A full copy of the unredacted comment has been provided to VHA for follow up.

  3. Clarence E. Orr,Jr. February 4, 2016 at 11:52 pm

    Do you REALLY want to prevent veteran suicides? Try the following; really and I DO mean really allow us to get our healthcare at private healthcare entities. Especially those of us who are service connected 100% permanent and totally disabled.We held up OUR hands to defend the country and the constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. At the same time we were promised “The best healthcare in the world” should we become disabled from our service to this nation in a time of war. WE adhered to OUR oaths, some with their very lives yet the nation/government has given us nothing even close to what we were promised. If ANYONE thinks I am a whiner or crybaby try this on..I am actually 200% service connected disabled but of course am only compensated for the one 100%. The VA does not appreciate my advise or ideas and can ruin your very lives with totally bogus information which some of their unscrupulous and vindictive doctors are allowed to place in your healthcare records as punishment for your simply speaking your mind and the truth. Secretary MacDonald is aware of my situation but seemingly does not have the power to have a simple vindictive LIE expunged from my own VA healthcare record….shameful and unconscionable. The VA does not even follow their own code of ethics as outlined in their manual “Documentation of Medical Records” and several others.

  4. bill February 4, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    One thing about suicide is that at the point where we think no one cares … the VA should be a place to get caring treatment.
    A promise to care for us is barely that …

    Much of the care is great … unless we live in an area where it isn’t.
    When VA doesn’t care then vets punch out… at a high rate.

    Careing and good care don’t cost much compared to a life.
    Lowes takes care of the vets. And
    says it …plus a discount.

    Where would we be without non va care ?

  5. DannyG February 4, 2016 at 11:51 am

    Why not listen to the veterans? Not the chronic crybabies & VA haters, but those that actually have effective & feasible ideas! Many of us want to help.

    • yvette willis February 6, 2016 at 2:25 pm

      Its a sad day when you realize you are in a private war, inside of the war. The 80’s.

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