You’ve found a position at VHA that has your name all over it and you’re ready to apply. But before you send off the assessment questionnaire, make sure you don’t make a simple mistake that could jeopardize an interview. Here are five things you definitely shouldn’t do when applying to VA.

 Do not apply online and through mail

If you complete your application online, you do not need to submit an additional application via mail. However, if other documents are required that you do not have digitized, you can fax them to 478-757-3144 with this coversheet. But, completing the full application and supplying all required documentation online, before the closing date, is highly recommended. When you apply this way, all of your information, including your assessment questions and resume, etc. (if you upload directly), is grouped and attached directly to the appropriate job announcement.

If you do not apply online, you will need to fill out the assessment questionnaire, including written questions, and other documents required by the position. Writing your answers on the announcement (or sending in a copy of the online assessment without actually submitting it electronically) does not qualify as completing the questionnaire. You will receive a letter stating that you were not considered because either you did not submit a questionnaire or it was completed/submitted incorrectly.

Do not skip the assessment questionnaire

Even if you have a good resume, you must also complete the assessment questionnaire. It is a requirement for every position and you can submit your questionnaire online or complete and fax the OPM Form 1203-FX.

Do not forget to include necessary documents

After you’ve completed the assessment questionnaire, don’t forget to also submit (upload) additional documents. Read the entire job announcement closely, any necessary documents will be listed in the “Qualifications” section. Make sure to use this fax coversheet listed in the last section of the job announcement on top of your other documents.

Do not call a facility to check the status of an application

Please make sure your fax receipt shows that all pages have been received. Keep a copy of the receipt for your records. You can check your status through your Application Manager account. If you faxed any supporting documents, it can take between 24 and 36 hours for them to show in your account.

Do not email your application

Due to security precautions, do not email any of your supporting documents to the DEU. Your social security number is on the application and this could pose as a security risk to you. Also, the large volume of applications would make it impossible to monitor all applications through email.

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Published on Jul. 13, 2016

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  1. RESTITUTO DIAZ BARRAQUIAS July 15, 2016 at 9:27 am

    How about son of wwII vet can I apply for health care program inbehalf of my Dad and my Mom both dei both nerver to received any benefit from va manila during his/her lifetime? If I can apply and to received this benefit where I can apply va manila or your offices I am now 52 years old the youngest child of veteran Jesus R.Barraquias and spouses Maximina Diaz
    please advice

    Restituto Diaz Barraquias

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