After our Veterans return from service, they face many challenges transitioning to civilian life. A major part of that transition is being able to manage the myriad changes they face. When our Veterans face mental health problems, VHA psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors play a vital role in making sure that our Veterans get the care they need. Our psychologists are some of the best in the country, and are committed to treating any issues that our heroes may have when they return. In order to ensure that our Veterans receive the best care, we have to attract the best professionals in the field. Here are five reasons psychologist love working with us.

  1.  Our system is tailored to Veterans and their unique needs: Our psychologists have experience with Veterans and the unique situations of those who have served. They have unparalleled and open communication channels with the rest of our mental health team as well as primary care professionals to ensure the right course of treatment is taken for each individual Veteran, and that the treatment covers all of that Veteran’s needs.
  2. Our passion for full recovery: The culture at our clinics is centered on our Veterans making a full recovery and return to civilian life. And our teams have an amazing desire to make sure that Veterans can make the transition. We want our nation’s heroes to live their lives to the fullest after their service.
  3. Our use of the newest techniques and resources: We are a national leader in technological innovation. The integration of mental health services into primary care settings and our push for wider availability of tele-mental health services have proven our commitment to modernizing our systems. There are also online resources that help Veterans, their families and our professionals in addressing mental health. Our Make the Connection campaign has been remarkably successful in providing resources for Veterans and our professionals.
  4. Insurance: One great advantage of medical professionals working with VA is that you don’t need malpractice insurance when you work here. As Federal employees, our health care professionals are protected by the Federal Government in instances of alleged malpractice or negligence resulting from the performance of their duties. This allows us to focus on giving our Veterans the best care possible.
  5. Some of the most competitive benefits to attract the best professionals: Young psychologists are provided with many opportunities for growth, and we challenge them to be better all the time. More experienced psychologists will enjoy opportunities to pursue leadership positions, research and academic opportunities. And, with one active, unrestricted state license VHA employees can practice in any of the 50 states where we provide services


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Published on Jul. 18, 2016

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