When Got Your 6 first got on my radar, I wasn’t sure what they did. Years later, I still wasn’t convinced I understood their mission. Then, a few weeks ago, their Executive Director Bill Rausch interviewed Secretary Shulkin for our YouTube Live event. After the event, I invited him to join me on the podcast and he enthusiastically agreed. We had a very informative and fun conversation regarding his service, Got Your 6, the Veteran space, collaboration among organizations, a conflict of guilt some veterans have, and even beards.

About Bill:

Bill Rausch is the Executive Director at Got Your 6. He is a former Army Major with over ten years of service including 17 months in Iraq serving under Generals Casey and Petraeus while assigned to the Information Operations Task Force. Prior to joining GY6, Bill was Political Director at Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America where he oversaw policy and advocacy campaigns.

Bill is also an active community leader and volunteer serving as Chapter Captain for Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) in his local community in Alexandria, VA. He also serves on the Board of Directors at Volunteer Alexandria, an organization promoting volunteerism across all charity sectors.

Covered in Episode 24:

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Published on Mar. 31, 2017

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  1. Miguel A Rivera April 3, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Can i get an answer on why my va hospital have lost my enrollment form more than 3 times. Im a medical discharge unable to get meds thru my non va health
    Care system because they do not cover the meds. I cant find a job and that is why i decided to finish my degree. I can only affort a cheap health care for me and my family si I fill out twice the enrollment form in old medical facility and no one call. Some one from va in south carolina contact me by phone to see why i have not requested to be admited in medical facility which i reply that I already try it twice and since no one call I assume I was denied access to clinic. The reason why i was trying to get access to my clinic is because i belived that i have to control my condition before it gets out of hand this includes mental and phisical conditions. He told me that some one was going to call in few minutes to solve that problem. I recieved a call from a lady, 2 min after he hang up, last name lakeesha ( dont know if spelling is correct). She told me to go and see her and when i went i waited 2 hours for her. The receptionist call her several times and the only thing she said was that she was busy. At that moment I could not think of why she did not just simply gave me an appointment to see me later. After 2 hr 10 min i had to leave to go to class. My condition requires medicine and i cant get them thru my insurance. I dont want any attention with this but they are so many veterans that are even worst than me and going thru the same issues. But i do belived in my system i will try it one more time . I want to know only 2 things if im accepted or denied tk go to clinic. If i dont get an answer i will go up with this thru my congressman and see if he can fix it. For all that are going thru all this patience and god bless you, some one will hear us because they know we risk our lives for them and they also risk their lives for us and proud to have serve.

  2. Mitchell Burke March 31, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    How can I apply to be on a podcast?

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