We’re excited to announce the airing of our new “Make the Difference” commercial spot, which was filmed entirely at our new medical center in New Orleans and features real VA nurses, physicians, physical therapists and other employees who embody the spirit of our mission.

Real, authentic stories of VA employees are important to share as we work toward our goal of recruiting the country’s best and brightest committed to constantly pursuing their best.

Enjoy and share this spot, and help us to build awareness of opportunities at VA. The spot will launch onair throughout the ‘Heroism’ vignette series on the American Heroes Channel, from Saturday, May 27th to Monday, May 29th. So be on the lookout, and take pride in knowing that as a VA employee you’re one of the people who truly Make the Difference.

If you’re looking to join VA, visit VACareers.va.gov/makethedifference to learn more about the unique benefits of a career serving our nation’s Veterans.

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Published on May. 18, 2017

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  1. Dr. Charlie Hardaway-Weathersby May 21, 2017 at 4:53 am

    November 12, 2016

    To All American Citizens and Citizens of the Human Race,

    Veterans’ Day is a Special Holiday to Observe, Honor and Celebrate all Veterans of the Armed Forces. We are celebrating the enormous sacrifice and patriotism of “All” of our Veterans…but perhaps forgetting one for sure,: the late retired Major Queen Britt Cormier Military ID # (redacted) “Left Behind in the Trenches.”
Note: on August 1st 2016, Our Commander in Chief President Barack Obama addressed a Group with Physical and/or Mental Disabilities–somewhere specially our country; “We should first honor and pay our respects to The Men And Women Who Put Their Lives On The Front-Lines Of Wars, The Mentally-Physically Challenged Veterans And The Gold Star Veterans which also applies to “The Veteran that personally concerns me: The Late Retired Major Queen Britt Cormier, who served this country on both fronts, overseas and civilian venues.  

I only served our country as a volunteer registered caregiver to the Honorable Retired Major Queen Britt Cormier; and therefore have made a commitment to locate the remains of this honorable soul–human being, and Veteran, until she is interred into sacred hallow grounds as she had requested to be next to her Veteran husband. 

I vow to continue to try to accommodate her wishes! In a few days, in fact, less than a week from now: on November 16th, 2016 it will be approximately one year with only a presumptive date of death (not having obtained or even seen a Certificate of Death), of this Honorable Veteran who can be considered forsaken by the country she proudly loved and served till the rank of “Major” and still served daily helping any and all identifiable forsaken citizens and fellow Veterans until her untimely passing.  

Now, on this November 12, 2016, the day after the celebrated Veterans’ Day and even after having the emphatic proclamation on August 1st, 2016 from the highest military position; The Commander in Chief, our President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, or his subordinate, not one, “nada”, no one under his Command has come forth to help commemorate Major Cormier’s military service. 

In all fairness our government may not know about our dilemma; this is the reason I am bring it to the light. However, thank God, for two generous souls: one courageous, and sincerely concerned: Ms. J (redacted) at Tripler Veteran’s Hospital, was contacted at (redacted) and Ms. Y (redacted), in Primary Care was contacted at (redacted) but could offer only bits of information (for protection of privacy) that led to this sad definitive enlightenment: Retired Major Queen Britt Cormier, confirmed her date of death and gave the disturbing disrespectful news, that Major Cormier’s body was dropped off to “ a morgue.” The morgue knew her as a Homeless person with No identity! No address! And No military Title! To my knowledge, and allegedly Major Cormier was cremated by the State of Hawaii as an unidentified person.

Aside from the two government employees there was no assistance from any others. The only consistent concerns over many abound were a very few loyal friends for Major Cormier: Ms. Catherine (redacted), Apostle, Dr. (redacted) Weathersby (Veteran), and Ms. Leticia (redacted), who offered and showed their lasting support and their forever friendship as loyal friends. 

    Please find this e-letter as a desire (although painful) to wanting to bring to light this sad, hurtful, stressful, enlightenment; and after a year of an arduous task to be used as a means to HONOR this UNSONG, PROUD, AMERICAN HERO: THE LATE RETIRED VETERAN, MAJOR QUEEN BRITT CORMIER, A JEWISH WOMAN OF AFRICAN DECENT, 


Arnold Smith 
Apostle, Dr. Charlie Hardaway-Weathersby

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