In conjunction with VA’s participation in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative, the Center for Women Veterans has partnered with VA’s Office of Community Engagement to improve women Veterans’ health and well-being.

You may recall that, back in March 2016, VA announced its participation in the 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative through the “Veterans Hub,” a combined effort of VA, Community Solutions, the Samueli Institute, DOD and the Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration.  Essentially, the Veterans Hub is a collaborative partnership with federal, state and nongovernmental organizations dedicated to improving Veterans’ health and well-being.  Hub partners use the 100 Million Healthier Lives platform to leverage partnerships in areas that impact Veterans, to include housing, employment, education and health.  The goal of the Veterans Hub is to encourage a healthier lifestyle for Veterans by the year 2020.

How are we doing our part?  By focusing our outreach efforts on educating women Veterans about various government and collaborative partners’ initiatives to address the impact areas previously mentioned.  We also keep women Veterans informed about VA’s efforts to enhance the services it provides to Veterans through our weekly updates—which women Veterans and other stakeholders can sign up for on our Web page—and encourage them to contact the women Veterans call center to learn about their health care benefits.

You can join the movement too. Just visit the 100 Million Healthier Lives webpage, to see the introductory video and for a plethora of information right at your fingertips.  So, whatever office, group or community you represent, you can sign up to do your part and share information on available resources. Lives may be saved, just by knowing the information.  It really is that easy.

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Published on Nov. 24, 2017

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  1. Donna Lynn Wolfe December 1, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Women Illegally Discharged from the Military
    I recently sent the following letter to the White House in an effort to try and open a discussion concerning the unconstitutional discharge of women who became pregnant during their military service. This occurred during the 40’s thru the early 70’s. Many of these women had years of service prior to discharge and were never able to retire out. What an injustice to all women.

    Good morning President Trump,
    The following is part of the original letter sent back in April to
    Representative Kevin McCarthy to get help addressing
    this issue. If his office was properly addressing my concerns I would not be
    writing to you.

    “The previous legislation addressing 107th Congressional Bill H.R. 5447 known as
    “Women Discharged From the Military Due to Pregnancy Relief Act of 2002” is of
    paramount interest to me because I am a former member of the U.S. Army,
    discharged due to pregnancy. The action was found unconstitutional in 1976.
    Being discharged before 1976 this issue directly impacted my life and the life
    of many former WACs. The discharge was dominant in defining my life and that of
    many other former WACs. My ability to succeed in my professional life was
    interrupted by this measure. The psychological effects have followed me through
    my life, I love to stand as a veteran yet I feel guilty doing it.

    I am primarily concerned about the bill H.R.5447 because it died in committee
    probably due to timing. Why wait to recognize the patriots who joined the
    military between 1946 and 1976? Will you do this small gesture to recognize us
    before we have all died? The bill should be re-drafted omitting the student
    loan portion and perhaps other parts of it. I am not a rich woman but can
    support myself but I am reluctant to personally request indiscriminately
    removing the back pay clause. Many women may not be in my position.

    Of greatest interest to me is the re-coding of DD214s and giving credit for the
    full enlistment time. Without these changes many women cannot access certain VA
    health care benefits or possible assistance with elderly care facilities.
    Thank you very much,
    Donna Wolfe

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