Paging all senior healthcare executives: The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) wants your critical leadership, forecasting and oversight skills to serve as Deputy Chief Policy and Planning Officer (DCO) at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

“The DCO prepares VA for the successful delivery of healthcare to all Veterans — those enrolled today and those likely to enroll in the future,” said Darren Sherrard, Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing at VA. “This work heavily influences the operations and functions of key VHA programs, initiatives, practices and partnerships.”

As principal Deputy to the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health for Policy and Planning, the DCO develops and analyzes national healthcare policy and manages VA legislative and policy agendas. Key responsibilities include executing the Health Care Eligibility Reform Act of 1996; overseeing the Office of Rural Health, authorized in 2006 by Public Law 109-461; and managing and analyzing Medicare and Medicaid data in relation to VHA data.

Choose VA to impact the future care of Veterans

“The DCO is part future-caster, geospatial data-analyzer and number-cruncher: By projecting future enrollment, service demands and resource requirements, VA ensures that its operations, staff and budget will fully meet the needs of Veterans, no matter where or when they access our services,” Sherrard said.

Like all Senior Executive Service members, the DCO must meet the five executive core qualities of leading change, leading people, results driven, business acumen and building coalitions.

The position provides a competitive salary and a wide array of benefits, including medical and dental insurance and generous leave policies. Like all employees, DCOs can participate in the federal retirement system.

Interested executives should apply by March 6, 2019. “We look forward to assessing qualified senior executives in and around Washington, D.C.,” Sherrard said.

Choose VA today

Have an impact on the future care of the nation’s Veterans: Choose a career as a VA Deputy Chief Policy and Planning Officer.

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Published on Feb. 13, 2019

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