Last year I had the privilege to walk the halls and conference rooms full of entrepreneurs at last year’s National Veterans Small Business Conference. The place was a mix of enthusiastic young self-starters and seasoned businessmen and women looking to expand further.

It should be no surprise they all shared intense focus and drive. Even in the early morning, the conference rooms were abuzz with discussion about recruitment, capital, and investment. All with the backdrop and common vernacular of life in the military.

This year’s conference is fast approaching. The event goes down in Detroit June 26-29, and registration is now open. If you own a business or looking to start one, business and government leaders will be on hand to discuss everything from federal procurement to VA’s process to verify disabled Veteran-owned businesses. Take a look at agendas from past conferences to see what might be in store this year.

For Veterans looking to step up visibility of their businesses, an expo hall is also available. It’s a good way to show off new products and build relationships with the folks you’re trying to reach.

I don’t know much about how business works, but I learned a few things when I came away from last year’s conference. I have a basic understanding of the federal procurement process, and learned a bit about the challenges of hiring Vets in the workplace. If your business is nationwide or just sketches in a notepad, consider a trip to Detroit this June. You’ll come away with something valuable.

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Published on Feb. 27, 2012

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  1. Mark Padilla March 6, 2012 at 11:49 am

    I am looking for any Grants or Small Business loans for Disabled Veterans who would like to purchase a small business that is nationally known with a very good success record. My military connected disability, TBI: in the past, has caused me some grief and it is making it very difficult to find employment. As of now, I am self employed and struggling. I have a degree with very good experience but my past is not helping my job search. Not a bad past but I now know that my TBI injuries was making me take a lot of over counter medicines which did not help the issues with my pain. So I am looking for a loan or grants on some way to purchase and own my own business and hopefully within a few years be able to mentor other veterans and even help other veterans own their own business as well, I just need a small helping hand, is there any information that is out there that will help me in my quest. Thank You

  2. David February 28, 2012 at 12:16 am

    How can GE be represented here, when they are the shining example of corruption? All veterans have pledged their lives to this country and the VA has the nerve to put them in the spotlight.GE has used every loop hole imaginable and has the nerve to put themselves out there as an American business. They have taken American jobs and taxpayer’s money and the VA shoves that in our face.

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