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Janny, as I affectionately call my mom, has never questioned my commitment to work for Veterans, even when I have.  Working in a bureaucracy can be crushing and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t days when I just want to pack it all in.  But my mom never lets me give up.  She listened carefully when I stressed about putting pen to paper to explain the civilian guilt I felt , she answered my phone calls and encouraged me to keep toughing it out at the office when my husband moved to the other side of the country (I stayed because I love my job and the work my team does matters to me), and she unwaveringly and unabashedly loves my teammates—all of whom served overseas.

Those closest to me were not directly affected by the wars of the last decade.  My little family stayed out of harm’s way because of the unflinching commitment of my team and the Veterans that we reach every day.  My mom is so proud that I work with—and for—such valiant men and women.  She is the reason that, even though I sometimes feel like I’m using all my energy to push a peanut across the table, I never ever give up on doing my best to serve Vets.

Mom – thank you so much for being such an awesome woman, for pushing me to always do the right thing, finish what I start and fight the good fight.  You inspire me to help others the same way you so selflessly and lovingly help me.  I like to think that the Vets I work with and serve fight for mothers just like you.

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Published on May. 12, 2012

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  1. Art Hamerschlag May 17, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    Lauren – well said! Serving veterans is a noble calling, and you certainly exemplify that! And a very nice tribute to your Mom – she must be very proud of you!

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