During times of stress, it’s especially important to set time aside for self-care. Join the National Center for PTSD’s 30 Days of Self Care with the the COVID Coach mobile app. We will walk you through 30 different ideas for self-care practices – one for each day of the month.

To get started, download the COVID Coach app on iOS or Android, and follow the National Center for PTSD on Facebook or Twitter for daily prompts. You can also download the 30 Days of Self-Care with COVID Coach guidebook that has all of the different suggestions for self-care practices.

How does it work?

Our COVID Coach mobile app offers a number of practices and tools to help you practice self-care. Many exercises can be completed in just a few minutes. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly stressed, it’s important to get into a good self-care routine to prevent stress. All it takes is 30 days to establish a new habit, so visit Day 1 to get started on the path to self-care.

Who is it for?

This self-care guide is for everyone. The COVID Coach app was created by the Mobile Apps Team at the National Center for PTSD. As with most of our resources, this app includes some content and resources specifically for Veterans, but the majority of the information can be used by anyone. Please feel free to share this guidebook with Veterans, family members, friends, and anyone else you think may benefit from making time for daily self-care.

Things people are saying about COVID Coach:

“It’s great for the help you need when you’re by yourself and need a break from things. It has helped me greatly.”

“Excellent resource. I’m the Mental Health Flight Commander at Fairchild Air Force Base and I endorse this application.”

“Very excited to use this app more! It’s easy to use and seems to pull you right out of a hard place.”

When to start?

This guide contains a list of 30 self-care practices – one for each day of the month. However, there is no need to wait for the beginning of the month to get started. Feel free to try as many or as few of these exercises as you’d like, on a schedule that works for you. This guide could be used Monday-Friday, or Sunday-Saturday. It is up to you when and how to work the activities into your routine. This isn’t about putting pressure on yourself to do the things you “should be” doing – it’s about making time to do things to relax and recharge.

Challenge accepted? Let’s get started.

Download the COVID Coach app on iOS or Android.

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Published on Dec. 22, 2020

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