Veteran Mollie Andrews lost 70 pounds with VA’s MOVE! program. She previously tried other weight loss programs, including VA’s TeleMOVE!, but was unsuccessful in meeting her goal weight and keeping it off.

Then, sitting on the couch watching TV, she remembered that her 30th high school class reunion was approaching. This upcoming event prompted her to do all that she could to lose weight for real. She joined the MOVE! program again, as well as the program’s group sessions, which helped her stay accountable and make new friends.

Andrews before MOVE! weight loss program

Andrews’ determination and commitment shined through with her exercise and healthy eating changes. For exercise, Andrews committed to a goal of walking regularly. By the end of her third week of walking, she was up to walking six miles a day. Andrews also made changes with eating healthier, smaller meals and not drinking soda.

Andrews (photographed above after weight loss) found great support from the MOVE! staff and her friends. They wanted to know how she was doing each week and texted, emailed and sent Facebook posts to motivate and let her know that she was thought of often.

By the time of her high school reunion, Andrews lost 70 pounds. She enjoyed compliments from her friends that she had not seen in 30 years. As a result, she was inspired to continue working towards her weight loss goal: to lose 30 more pounds.

She continues to maintain eating right and working out. In the meantime, Andrews is enjoying the benefits of her weight loss, including more energy, feeling better about herself, clothes fitting better and buying smaller clothes sizes.

Why should you consider the program?

The MOVE! program is a national weight management program that works. Thousands of Veterans have participated and succeeded with the program. The program can help you lose weight, keep it off and improve your health. You’ll also receive expert guidance and support.

Through the MOVE! program and MOVE! care team, you can reduce health risks, prevent or reverse certain diseases, improve your quality of life, and even live longer.

As it did for Veteran Andrews, the MOVE! team will do all they can to assist you, too.

The program is free for Veterans who receive care in VA. There is also MOVE! Coach, a mobile app for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), which is available to both Veterans and anyone interested in a health and wellness app.

To learn more about and join the MOVE! program, go to the MOVE! website and contact a program coordinator at your nearest VA Medical Center.

Samantha Owens is a communications specialist on detail to VHA Internal Communications.

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Published on Feb. 10, 2021

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  1. Mimi Marylon Moore Routh February 16, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    Hi, Suzanne! I do get most of my healthcare from the VA. I tried MOVE some time back. However, I had already begun eating vegetarian and by a blood type food list. Dr. D;Adamo’s program doesn’t appeal to everyone. I think I had phone coaching with MOVE, and I wasn’t a happy camper. What DID WORK was simply writing everything down. I begin a page every morning with date, day of week, time I got up, time I went to bed, my weight, little notes about things I did, trouble sleeping, if I was happy or upset, looking forward to something, remembering something happy that just happened, etc. and then exactly what I was eating: calories, and protein grams. Later, I added sodium. At day’s end I total my figures. I’m 79 now, barely 5’3″ and I manage fine on well under 1800 calories. Eating out or any time I can’t figure calories — that’s hard. My housing is outrageously stressful. I do live alone. Diet only means food choices — and I could have gained while eating by the blood type lists! I had to read ingredients, eat very simple. Typical meals: steamed veggies over tofu, green salad, hard boiled egg, oatmeal, sprouted grain bread, plain yogurt with a good granola, sweetened soy milk over frozen fruit, apple at bedtime, cookie bars or little puddings for dessert because the little girl inside demands dessert! So I’ve lost 40 pounds very slowly and a good 40 to go. Going from 53 bust to 43 is lovely. Also from 3X to XL. Logging the details shows me how upsets make me want sugar — full moon or noisy neighbor or cruel remarks must be dealt with and I am slowly learning to take better care of Mimi. [No, the Air Force did not call me Mimi!] I still have pounds to drop, but every day on the path is so joyful! I’m not trying to please any man, only myself. I hope this helps, Suzanne. Best wishes and may your 70’s be the best yet!

  2. Suzanne Windham February 16, 2021 at 12:24 pm

    It’s exciting to read about the Move program, but I appear to be unable to take advantage of this program because I do not receive my healthcare from the VA? I am a Vietnam Era Veteran who does not receive her healthcare through the VA. And although I’m now 70 years old, I cannot receive a Covid vaccine from the VA due to this same requirement. If there is any way all veterans can participate in the Move program, even if I would have to pay I would appreciate knowing this.
    Thank you!
    I’m a brand new subscriber to the Women Veterans site so I apologize if I don’t know all the possibilities, yet.

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