The internet has transformed our lives. With a few clicks and swipes, we can quickly find information, connect and communicate with people around the world, learn new skills and get training, search for jobs, and even get health care with telehealth services. Veterans and those who care for them turn to online services for getting and managing their VA benefits, health care, and other services, and VA’s improved website makes that even easier with exciting new features. has been redesigned based on Veterans’ feedback about their experience, so now information on VA benefits and services that Veterans said they most need is simpler to find and understand. Veterans can create a secure, online account on to enroll in VA benefits and services, send their providers secure messages, access their health records, manage their profile information, and choose how they receive communication from VA. Veterans can now do even more with

Coronavirus Vaccine Information

Veterans can sign up for updates on coronavirus vaccinations in their areas through the Keep Me Informed form. Veterans are eager to take advantage of this feature for clear, timely information on how they protect themselves and their loved ones: it accounts for ~80% of transactions, and over 570,000 have signed up already. Veterans can also find out the latest information through the interactive coronavirus chatbot. 

CLICK HERE to sign up for coronavirus updates with Keep Me Informed. 

Sign up for VA Benefits Before Military Separation

Service members can file for disability compensation claims 180-90 days before leaving active duty, which means they can receive VA benefits when they leave the military. Filing your disability compensation claim through the Benefits Delivery at Discharge (BDD) program allows VA to proactively schedule exams, review treatment records, and evaluate claims before separation, with many claimants receiving their decision the day after leaving active duty. Since its re-launch in November 2020, there have been 1,851 submissions, with hundreds more taking advantage of this feature each week. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about filing a pre-discharge disability benefits claim, and other benefits service members can apply for while in pre-discharge status. 

Manage Your VA Debt

Veterans can get a quick view of their financial responsibilities with VA, including debts related to education benefits (GI Bill), disability compensation and pension with’s online debt management tool. With’s online debt management tool, Veterans can easily check the status of their VA debt and find out what options they have to resolve it, including updates on COVID-19 relief options.

CLICK HERE for information on checking and managing your VA debt. 

Find Local Providers in the Community

Veterans can receive care at VA-approved community providers and get their medications at VA-approved pharmacies, and now can find those local facilities through’s improved Facility Locator tool. With the Facility Locator tool, Veterans can quickly find local health care providers and pharmacies in VA’s network, as well as local VA facilities.  

CLICK HERE to find local providers and pharmacies in VA’s network near you. 

Find a VA Form

Veterans and those who care for or represent them need current VA forms for such important transactions as applying for VA health care and applying for benefits.’s improved forms tool now highlights the most frequently used VA forms and provides step-by-step information on them, which helps Veterans fill them out correctly. These forms are downloadable or available as an online option, if available for that form. Veterans also find out how to request their military records, VA records, and change their direct deposit information; these links are so helpful to Veterans that VA has seen an increase in them being used from 4% to 92%, meaning that more Veterans are taking advantage of the additional context to identify the right forms. 

CLICK HERE to find the VA form you need, and links to requesting non-VA information. 

Get Email and Text Notifications

Veterans can now receive more notifications on important VA information via email and text messages. The VANotify tool sends Veterans notifications of changes to their VA accounts, confirmation of receiving their benefits applications, and tracking of VA pharmacy deliveries. As the VANotify tool expands, teams across VA will be able to send Veterans monthly notifications about benefits payments, information on debt acquisition, and other personalized push notifications. This means Veterans and their loved ones receive information from VA on what is important to them faster and more reliably than they may have experienced with postal mail

For example, VANotify was recently able to send over 200,000 Veterans timely notifications about coronavirus vaccinations. There is nothing Veterans need to do to get email and text notifications with VANotifyas long as your contact information is current with VA, you will receive these notifications. 

VA knows staying informed on information on the VA health care, benefits and services available to you is important, and is continually improving, making your online experience easier, simpler and faster. Check out regularly for the latest information and tools to manage your VA experience. And be sure to create your VA account profile so you can choose your communication and notification preferences. 

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Published on Mar. 22, 2021

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  1. Jacqueline Buckins April 7, 2021 at 8:23 pm

    If the spouse of a deceased veteran passes away, will the VA provide any assistance with funeral & burial costs?

  2. Melissa Peltier April 7, 2021 at 8:06 pm

    I have a hard time reading this. I had to fight for 28 YEARS for someone to be willing to help me with my claim. During that time, civilian mental health providers accused me of making up what happened, because “it only happens in movies or on TV”. I finally had my decision, but in the year and a half since, I have to constantly fight to I have had providers no-show telehealth appointments, and then be angry with me because I DARED to call into the clinic and ask where they were. I don’t want more excuses. 1x a month is “they best they can do”, yet I cannot get another appointment, and it has already been a almost a month since the last one. NO ONE should have to fight this hard or this long. I had to rip off 28yr old scabs to write my statement with my claim – and then I am right back where I was in 1991, trying to cope and continue to move forward without help I SHOULD be getting. They wonder why we are losing 22 brothers and sisters a day – THIS CRAP is exactly why.

  3. Teresa Ann McLaurin April 1, 2021 at 12:39 am

    Can I use my post 911 to finance a training class. I also would like to get information on the paperwork for my daughter who starts college in the fall of 2022. Thanks.

  4. Amanda Williams Swift March 29, 2021 at 6:27 pm

    How does a daughter of a vietnam veteran locate their father if she was separated from him as a child!

    Please help any info would greatly be appreciated!

    Thank you

  5. Janice Scales March 25, 2021 at 1:55 pm

    I would like to apply for a headstone for my brother Peter Scales who was in the Navy and passed away.

  6. Larry Ronald Tunison March 23, 2021 at 1:54 pm

    Your question cannot be answered the way it is written. Everything after the first sentence is unnecessary. The VA is a system with policies. As long as you follow the policies, you will receive the appropriate benefits. Was the Veteran legally married or considered married under VA policies? These must be considered before any other steps can be taken. What was the Veterans disability and his disability rating? When you say “discharged”, do you mean from VA care or military service? If military service, what was the nature of his discharge? Even a Court cannot garnish a VA payment. However, once the payment is received, it can be garnished. While the VA has numerous programs for family welfare, they are not responsible for the items you describe. All of these things can be described in detail by a Service Organization’s Representative.

  7. Robert M Randall March 22, 2021 at 9:01 pm

    When A Vet received disability and is discharged and. Has a child under 6yr and has court order for child support … The child was born at 14oz with many issues. No one can tell us why the child is not receiving support The VA has been No help to the family or The County Clerks Office in Tennessee or The Nashville Departments. So where do we go the order is about a YEAR OLD it is ridiculous that A Veteran will not support his child and the VA is letting this happen.

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