• Veterans benefit from Greenhouse Initiative blossoming this spring

    iNET’s innovation collaboration program fosters Veteran and employee feedback in the earliest stages of innovative design

  • VA celebrates LGBTQ+ Health Week

    VA’s LGBTQ+ Health program engages, educates and raises awareness on essential services and resources that matter to you.

  • VA’s autonoME gives patients with spinal cord injuries new life

    VHA IE advances thousands of environmental control units to provide spinal cord injury patients accessibility to communication tools.

  • Making community emergency care easier for Veterans

    Community Emergency Care Reporting process changes improve efficiency, timeliness and security for Vets and providers. Easier to notify VA when Veteran receives emergency care at community provider.

  • New features on VA.gov improve Veterans’ online experience

    VA.gov has been redesigned based on Veterans’ feedback to mkae information on VA benefits and services simpler to find and understand. 

  • Four reasons to pursue an occupational therapy career serving Veterans

    Each April, National Occupational Therapy Month honors the therapists who […]

  • Dr. Neil Patel discovered that a career in Veterans’ health care leads to new opportunities in emergency medicine

    Dr. Neil Patel serves as the clinical chief of Emergency […]

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