• Women Veterans and chronic pain

    Chronic pain interferes with women Veterans’ daily lives. Talk to your VA provider about an individualized pain management plan.

  • Clinical simulation training gives trainees experience

    Clinical simulation training has expanded rapidly and nearly any clinical scenario can be created and taught. Orlando VA trains of hundreds of professionals in their labs.

  • Gulf War Illnesses committee to meet Sept. 21, 22

    VA Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses hosting live and virtual committee meeting Sept. 21 and concluding Sept. 22.

  • PSA highlights women Veterans

    September is Suicide Prevention Month. A new PSA encourages women Veterans to reach out for help when needed and to help find the right VA resources.

  • Women Veterans health care: Reasons to consider VA

    Women Veterans should consider VA health benefits, including personalized, comprehensive care such as routine check-ups, cancer screenings, birth control and mammograms.

  • Tiny shelters one solution to Veteran homelessness

    Ending Veteran Homelessness: Chanin Santini of the Los Angeles VA describes how “tiny shelters” has evolved into a new model with big potential.

  • Improvements to Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

    VA is making several changes to the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry to expand eligibility and make it easier to use.

  • Are you ready for hurricane season?

    Information about hurricane season and what you can do to be ready. Make important decisions about your family's safety and prepare a plan now.

  • VA can help Veterans manage their drinking

    If drinking alcohol is affecting your life or the life of a Veteran you care about, know that VA has a variety of proven treatments that can help.

  • Women Veterans’ preventive health care resources

    Preventive health care is important. Women Veterans, talk with your VA primary care provider about checkups, screenings, and vaccines you need.

  • VA launches updated Access to Care website

    Updated Access to Care website provides Veterans improved wait time information, making it easier for them to plan their health care visits.

  • Gulf War Veterans’ engagement sessions

    1990-91 Gulf War Veterans with questions about Gulf War Illness are invited to engagement sessions with experts who want to hear from you.

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