• About 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually

    VA has many ways to help you recover from alcohol disorders. Learn about the VA treatments, including support groups and specialized therapy.

  • Veteran Ivan Dickerson advises other Vets: “Do the right thing, seek help.”

    After homelessness and addiction, Army Veteran turned to VA for help. His medical team helped him take the first steps to recovery.

  • Peer specialist’s struggles lead to helping Veterans overcome obstacles

    Veteran and certified peer specialist Heather King shares personal experiences with Veterans, earning her Peer Specialist of the Year award.

  • Care for Veterans with substance use disorders

    In honor of International Recovery Day Sept. 30, VA wants you to know: Substance use disorder is a disease that can be treated, and recovery is possible. VA uses a variety of proven therapies and medications to help support Veterans who have been diagnosed with substance use disorder.

  • Veteran battled homelessness, now has a career helping others

    After years of health issues, addiction, and homelessness, Navy Veteran Dawn Densel is healthy, has stable housing, and works for the federal government, thanks to VA and its many programs for Veterans experiencing homelessness.

  • Oklahoma Veterans’ second chance at career success

    Read how three Veterans … and dozens more … benefit from the Compensated Work Therapy program at the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System. Back in the work force while concentrating on their health care.

  • From a life nearly destroyed by heroin, Army Veteran thrives

    Army Veteran Allicia Arredondo, today a valuable staffer at the Boise VA, shares her story of redemption. VA researchers are gaining insights into the experiences of Veterans who, like Arredondo, have been involved with the criminal justice system.

  • Veterans find healing, recovery in the surf during National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic

    The first day at the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic […]

  • Understanding the link between PTSD and substance use disorders in Veterans

    PTSD can occur in any individual who has experienced a traumatic event, whether it be through combat, physical or sexual assault, natural disaster or childhood abuse.

  • VA Southern Nevada offers Veterans several options for treatment of alcoholism

    Alcohol and substance abuse affects Veterans more than average Americans, and the numbers are growing.

  • For a successful recovery treatment of dual diagnosis is paramount

    It’s no secret that substance abuse is a growing problem in the United States and Veterans are not exempt from this dangerous trend.

  • Join the Great American Spit Out to kick chewing tobacco

    There are very serious health risks associated with chewing tobacco such as cancer of the mouth, cancer of the esophagus, risk of heart disease, tooth decay and receding gums.

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