• Find the time to follow up: How and when to reach out to a VA recruiter

    Whether it’s after your interview or when you’ve been hired, follow these tips to properly follow up on your application.

  • Myth-busting: You don’t have to be a Veteran to work at VA

    In our mission to serve Veterans, our goal is to hire the best candidates, no matter their background. We’re back with more myth-busting.

  • Myth-busting: Countering the claim that VA only hires from within

    In our mission to serve Veterans, our goal is to hire the best candidates, no matter where they come from. Time for some myth-busting.

  • It’s your move: How transfers work within VA

    Moving? Transfers within VA can be complicated, but we’ll help you figure out how to make moving to a new facility as easy as possible.

  • From opportunity to offer: Examining the VA application timeline

    While looking at the steps in the hiring process, we tackle some of the most common questions about VA’s application timeline.

  • The three E’s: How to get your VA application to rise to the top

    Recruiters must sift through a number of applications, so focus on the things that make your application stand out.

  • Best of 2021: Our top career advice for Veteran and civilian job seekers

    With the new year just around the corner, now is a great time to renew your job search. Explore some of the best career advice VA offered this year.

  • HR expert answers your top VA application questions

    On VA’s “Talk About It Tuesday” broadcast, HR specialist Kendra Wilson-Hudson gave advice for those applying to VA jobs.

  • Applying for a VA job? Here’s how to keep your application forms in order

    If you’re applying for a VA job, you’ve probably already […]

  • Five tips to make your VHA nursing application stand out

    Veterans Health Administration (VHA) deeply values its nurses and is […]

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